Sunday 27 September 2009

Feelgood Formula

Seeking wisdom that grows like fire,
burning down the remains of you...
You may call it amusing sometimes,
inviting us to go nowhere...

Here we go - SECOND attempt to write a blog entry. As always LIFE and ART are colour-coded because THAT'S THE WAY IT IS.

Last week's melodrama has bizarrely turned to nothing, all three parties involved (me included) maintaining a stubborn silence. Funeralopolis on Thursday, was moved again by my aunties' tearful contributions and irritated by the quietness of the usher (or whatever you'd call him) - I just wanted to leap up and do it in his stead -- but given I was already being frowned upon for being splendidly adorned in purple I thought the better of it. It's always nice to visit home for at least an INCREDIBLY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME -as is the way. Friday and Saturday were consumed in Rock Society duties - and although the Fresher turnout on Friday was utterly disgraceful last night made up for it with AT LEAST ELEVEN new faces - most very amiable and quite nervous. Corp was Corp as always - upstairs being a bizarrely bass-heavy 'dubstep' extravaganza that rattled the ears quite worryingly.

Right - ARTWISE this week has been silently lacking. As term begins I solemnly embrace that art will be pushed to the wayside until I have a deadline THEN I'll I want to draw. I have a synopsis by ex el-presidente Chris that I'm going scribble on, but that's literally it for the mo. Audiowise, the last Newsmack was VERY quietly received so I've not been incredibly motivated to start writing another as yet. Tuesday's radio show went well - although wasn't advertised so it was INCREDIBLY UNLIKELY that any fresher's heard. But all my nearest and dearest (bar one without the net) tuned in and it was a lark - so all is well. May or may not get one in the next two weeks and there's a re-application meeting on the Friday. My status will tell this story.

No GOSSIP at all this week - I am sorry if you were looking for GOSSIP. Maybe there'll be some GOSSIP in the first week of lectures...I find that somewhat doubtful though - don't you? Show up to the RockSoc events and I'll see you on the 4th of next month -

Art be here

Audio be here

O - x

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