Sunday 11 October 2009

Traveler in Time

The morning sun I feel
all pain and sorrow

the apparition of my words in these days
makes me feel I've told them before

Fourth blog. Glory be. It's like we've living in some kind of ludicrous world where I write blogs every fucking Sunday. To reiterate; events outside of art are in THIS COLOUR - and events within the walls of artistic endeavor are THIS COLOUR. That's it. You don't need to know anymore. Stop reading. Oh my god did you stop reading?! How foolish.

Two weeks into lectures and I'm still not fully taking in JUST HOW BLOODY MUCH there is to do. I drew myself up an enormous wall-planner which planned out my workload within the week and promptly did NONE OF IT - so now it sits on the wall as a testament to all the work I haven't done. The first Peroxide was on Wednesday, went relatively well and DOOMGOAT was well received. Ohhhh yeah. Saw STAR TREK last night - was literally just a ton of lens flares and cliches with vague Star Trek leanings.

Crew member: Should there be tons of lens flares!? J.J. Abrams: Make it so

Drawing has again been relegated to elaborate doodles during lectures (me and Chris had a T-Rex drawing competition - thanks to some random lady I was proclaimed the winner, then I gave her the drawing as a prize for voting and so there's no evidence of my dino triumph). Did two radio shows over the past week - one last Monday wasn't broadcast, but I did record it and it lies waiting for the news about whether the RockSoc website can host it. The Saturday one was the triumphant return of Owen in Rock (although no bugger actually told me) so I composed the setlist very randomly mere hours beforehand. I had a few listeners, it's not on 'play again' so it's brief shining light will be LOST FOREVER. Anyhow - the final crowning artistic achievement of this week can really only be REYKJAVIK the new hit single by Dan Shandy and the Shambling Dandies. Lovely bunch o' lads.

"Listening to Dan Shandy and the Shambling Dandies is like REALLY AMAZING SEX" Anonymous, 2009

That's that done for this week. Hope you enjoyed the trawl through the mundane and the marvellous. Now I'm going to spend a few hours getting dolled up for VIC REEVES this evening. Fuck yes.
Oh Crikey crikey yes. See you on the 18th.

Art be here
Audio be here

O - x

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