Monday 9 August 2010

I Feel Like Makin' Love would be infinitely preferable to what I'm currently doing. Which is as tragically silly as it is hard to type.

The saga, or "gategate" as the media is currently calling it, is a very new one and can be adequately defined by the diagram above. I split open my left hand in a gloriously nerdy way on the large, blunt spikes of a fearsome gate. Whilst intoxicated on scrumpy no less. Eight stitches and a minor panic later and you find me in the position below.
I feel like Nightcrawler. So, no art this week (the last fortnight I've been working on secret secret projects anyway and this whole one-handed typing business is A RIGHT BORE) only injury. I'll return in a fortnight with healed hands and a bumper art special. Promise.

Live long and prosper - !

O - x

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