Saturday 16 October 2010

Hot Moves

Alrighty then - y'all ready for a bit of mindless bloggery?

Garrrr it's been a while. So much so I can not for the life of me remember what I've been up to. Shindiggery. Skulldungarees. That kind of lark. Went to Sheffield - very pleasant - saw human beings who I very much love and had many a boogie. ON TO THE ART -

This bewilderingly terrifying thing is two thirds of an Exquisite Corpse composite drawing. The head was my own (see the likeness?!) and the bod was by that titan of graphic art CARL PEARCE who deserves all your attention. The legs will be doodled by the ever-loving Ghostpockets at some point in the future. Bigger bugger be here.
A curious character created by the peerless Zammit - and mucked about with by a tonne of folk. The larger version is over here
These two owls were created for an webcomic of some description which may or may not appear in the future. They are both horned owls and were partially inspired by the good creatures of Hoot's Owl Sanctuary. The larger thing is here. Get it downyerneck. Mmmm Owly.
This curious thing was done for Mr Martin Collins' promotions company 'Errant Tentacles' and it's bloody sinister. Imagine that coming outyer gob of a morning. It'd be repugnant. To get the full effect go here.
Kitty Pantera and her crew are another random set of characters. These are from the meddling mind of genius Ralph Neise and have also been altered on several occasions. The big thing is 'ere.
Finally - it is THE END of the Second part of Crabcake. You can see the whole thing here and the first part here. It looks to me that there will be plenty of temporal shenanigans to keep things interesting. Hoorah.

Finally - Dr WTF?! is in it's third spankingly naughty month and is shaping up to be something rather special. Writers have mostly done their beavering and it is the artists turn to MUCK ABOUT. Last fortnight's blog carries the dirty details - but I'm pleased to announce the involvement of the Engimatic Dr X who is as enigmatic as he is tall - and he's so enigmatic I don't even know how tall he is. So make of that what you will.

Further updates in two weeks - may your late October days pass with pleasant smells and warm things to touch.

O - x