Tuesday 30 October 2012

SPOOKY Late October Update!


Said the ghost.

"What?" I replied. The ghost didn't reply and simply drove off with it's full compliment of passengers. Funny things ghosts/buses. They don't say much.


Professor Elemental, seen here being massaged by Mick Hucknall during one of his few days off, was at the Bristol Fleece t'other week. It was a sight to behold and there was a STRONGMAN. HOLY SHIT. The Ten Pound Suit Band did a particularly rousing set of "swingabilly" covers as well - worth listening to I'd say.
Here's the lady and I as zombies at last weekend's Bristol Zombie Walk. It was taken by Simon Withyman and portrays us in a fairly undead fashion having a bit of a flail. Jasmine is, on this occasion  a dead John Cooper Clark and I am a dead Starburns of Community fame. I got spotted as him three times "STARBURNS" they'd cry and I'd exasperatedly reply "my name's Alex" thus deepening the in-joke into self-referential insignificance. Also an elderly gentleman who wasn't participating gave me an enthusiastic thumbs-up. He was wearing a hat adorned with the communist star. I'm not sure who he thought I was... LENIN?
The 2000ad forum art competition for October is currently having votes thrown at it - the winner gets a BLOODY PRIZE and all. If you're reading this and it's not November yet then GO AND VOTE. WHY HAVEN'T YOU VOTED? ARGGHH. If you're reading this and it is November there'll be a new competition up so GO AND PARTICIPATE. GO ON. YOU COULD WIN A BLOODY PRIZE. http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/board,20.0.html

Here's the last Blankface judge I did - and COR BLIMEY IF IT ISN'T BARRY CHUCKLE. If you've requested one and I haven't done it as yet - can I assure you that:
a) I've had about sixty requests, I'm working through 'em in the order they came in - so it's entirely fair
b) I'm doing these in between other jobs - so they won't be immediately forthcoming as it is. I'm a busy fellow!
One of the things I do "other jobs" wise is lettering - and here's a bit of it that I did recently (i.e. - a while ago) for the Creepy Kofy Movietime Comic (http://www.facebook.com/CreepyKofyMovietimeComic) drawn by the fabulous Roland Bird and written by PAUL H. BIRCH. It's cult-tastic! Other lettering things in the pipeline involve something to do with Death Race 2000 and another bit for Disconnected Press. The rest, as they say, is COLOURING.

Here be the NINETEENTH page of Flaubert St Cloud (Goat) - a foul-mouthed hellbound goat of ill repute. Written by Geoffery Crescent, it's a fairly groovy saga. Catch up with it all here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150460341915628.421379.150183980627&type=1

The second issue of the journal is over half-way full at the moment but we're still taking submissions over at psychedelic.submissions at gmail.com <-- a="a" are="are" guidelines="guidelines" href="http://www.facebook.com/psychedelicjournal/info">here
. I'm on an artist hunt as well - so if you're available to do one-to-four pages let me know and I'll see what fits you!
The table numbers have been announced for Thought Bubble - and I'll be at no.121 selling the Professor Elemental comic, Dr WTF 2012, the Jamella & Marmalad comic and prints! Hurrah!


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Early October

The October 2000ad Art Competition is now on the go over on the forum (http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,37131.0.html) and we're off to a fine start! The theme is MIKE McMAHON. As y'can see, the first entry is by the rockin' McClements. Oh yus, first place and THARG'S PICK get like - a fuckin' prize. So it's all worth it. In terms of last months SECOND PLACE I was mentioned on the amazing Everything Comes Back to 2000ad - huzzah!

Here's me with a bunch of Bo Ningen blork. Like an album and whatnot. This chap blimmin' gave me a poster. I went to see them live at The Fleece t'other week and they were fantastic. Psychedelic rock stuff, quite quite good. They've got Big Jeff's guarantee. HARK!
T'other thing I saw in the last week was only bloody Michael Palin. The eternally charming feller was speaking at a book festival in Bath about his new series - Brazil. Seems that it'll be another knockout travelogue. I love that man.
WOAH. Bristol Comic Creator chap Mr Aidan Barnard designed us this spanking new flier! We've got our next meeting on the 13th of November! RSVP here if ye fancy a night of DOODLING and CIDERhttp://www.facebook.com/events/290919261013334/

Just a big shout for the marvellous Disconnected Press - whose anthology titles are glowing gems in  the glorious swamp of brilliant titles that be the Small Press. Earlier this year they came out with Disconnected Vol. 1 and Lost:Boys  - and there's due to be more for November's Thought Bubble (which is going to kick some arse). More details on their website. Can't recommend it higher!
 I've been doing these random judges for a while now - you can see the lot on the 2000ad boards. Ask for anything you want - and, even though it's not in cinemas no more - they're there to promote awareness of Dredd (the film) and by extension the glorious 2000ad. Without whom we'd be nowt but scrabbling wastes of thought. Go and buy the git - and get Dredd when it comes out on DVD ;) Also, that's Professor Elemental yes. 
 This is the Jamella and Marmalad comic. They wuz serialised a while ago on the Crazy Fox Machine FB page and now THEY ARE REAL and ready to go on sale to the unsuspecting public at Thought Bubble festival in Leeds next month. After that they'll be online at Comicsy. Want one?!
 Finally, the final page of the fourth part of the comic literally no one is talking about. Crabcake has been in gestation for longer than some sort of freakish marrowchrist. The whole fourth part can be seen here and you can see the entire saga here. What now? Will I give up (again)? No. The fifth part will appear before Christmas. The beginning looks horrific, the whole thing doesn't make sense and barely anyone follows it but IT'S MINE DAMMIT and I'll finish the bastard. You just watch me! Or not, as the case may be.
On a lighter note, some random colouring I did on Gibson Quarter's awesome art appeared yesterday - so there it is. Check out the man's blog and LEARN that he's finally showing up at THOUGHT BUBBLE in November. 
WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUE 2. Rapidly running out of space though - ! All of 'em to psychedelic.submissions AT gmail.com - one to four pages time travel - happy or sad, weird or COMPLETELY LOGICAL. Thinking about doing it? How about just DOING IT

Remember this cheeky chap? The first issue of Dr WTF now PRINTSTINCT (that's extinct in print) is available digitally NOW at Comicsy ---> http://www.comicsy.co.uk/crazyfoxmachine/store/products/dr-wtf-2011/ HURRAH! 


Monday 1 October 2012


...it wasn't particularly savage. Quite damp, yes. But pleasant. Like a friendly turtle.

Here's me at the Bristol zine fair the other week enjoying the SHIT out of selling some comics. We're on the last few Dr WTFs (EVER) and we did quite well with the Professor Elemental comics. If you want either givvus a shout on drwtfcomic at gmail.com. It was a brilliant event and if you're local you could do much worse that supporting the folks behind it over at http://bearpitzines.tumblr.com/about

Went to see the amazing Om at the Exchange which is a whole new venue down Old Market way. Pretty bloody spellbinding they were too - hypnotic. Glorious. The venue was warm though - lawdy mama it was warm. Some men were chatting away and I said "this place could use some air conditioning" and it turned out they were technicians for the place. They said it wasn't financially viable. I said THEY weren't financially viable. Then they left. MAKING ME THE VICTOR.

I love Dredd 3D. It's a beautiful film and the realisation of a thousand childhood dreams. Dredd's finally here and large as a git. He's shooting things and we love it. Not America though - it "tanked" as some say. But it's destined to be a cult hit and the reviews have been flawless. A solid action film, heavily steeped in a million glorious stories. ANYWAY - I've just started drawing random people as judges from Dredd. Not sure why. Requests welcome ;) You can see the full bunch on this 2000ad forum thread - http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,36966.0.html


Coloured a Grant Perkins Doctor image recently inked by Tom Schloendorn. For larks more than anything. Talking of colouring - the enormous summerpush on The Last Ride of Henry Holden is now over - and it'll be launching at Thought Bubble this November (alongside something of my own DETAILS INCOMING). Now there's none of that business, the webcomics have blearily wiped their eyes and re-emerged like incorrect anthromorphic characters into the daylight.

Flaubert, for example is back - full archive here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150460341915628.421379.150183980627&type=1
The Misery Wizard is also back. Hurrah! Full archive at the address on the whatnot. The picture.
Also. I killed Dante. It were gurt fun and is completely canon. For the very fun and worthwhile 2000ad art competition that's monthly and HAS PRIZES GIVEN to the winners - !

--> http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,37122.0.html

Yes that's me dead up there. Again.