Friday 29 June 2012

June Bug

Hello - !

What a busy month it's been, they always seem to be. I've mostly been WHEEZING MY LUNGS TO BITS like a nutter. I love hay fever. 

Now wassaall thissthen? The Bristol Comic Creator's group is getting it's own anthology. Still in development but with hopes to emerge by the end of the year/the beginning of 2013. A showcase of Bristol talent that'll be available locally - but that I'll also take about conventions and that. The stories will be short (3-4 pages) and will all feature Bristol in some way. If you're a local artist/writer/malingerer and want to take part just contact us on the Bristol Comic Creators Facebook Page!

Our next meeting also takes place in the Golden Guinea on the 10th of July <-- 

My partner in crime Geoffery Crescent wrote a short story based on a picture of mine MANY MOONS ago - and it's really rather worth reading. And I'm not just saying that as head of the Geoffery Crescent fan club. Which I am. Go and take a gander -

The seventeenth part of the Flaubert epic. Now in full colour, Flaubert finds himself on the gateway to hell itself. Where will this journey lead, and why in crikey is Trolly fist-bumping Boris the Skeleton?! Also why is Laura Dora grafted to a pig, why do Meep's eyes glow, how is there a hovering sentient jacket and WHY. IS FLAUBERT. SUCH A FAT GIT. Some of these questions may at some point be answered. Stay tuned - spread the goatword. Or gurd.

 The third Misery Wizard, in which Shoetree's grandmother offends a Sikh policeman and the Wizard himself gives some lacy undies a laundering. There's more where this came from. MUCH MORE.
 Crabcake has returned. My space odyssey several trillion days in the making has been absent for a year now - but to leave something half-finished is to leave a dog on the motorway. Morally questionable. You can catch up with the saga here - Then mayhaps... A PUBLISHING I MAY GO.

 EL BIGOTE EL BIGOTE. Pencils by Grant Perkins, Inks by Mike Bunt, Colours by Me. EL BIGOTE EL BIGOTE

 Q: Can Gary Oldman?
A: Possibly
I fucking love the Fifth Element. It's a profoundly French film and as inventive as the day is long. We need more of that. Not necessarily that universe, but money being put towards bonkertude instead of endless ENDLESS remakes, sequels and adaptations. 
 Got me copy of the Professor Elemental comic this month - it's currently sold out but it'll re-emerge soon - keep your eyes peeled on the Professorsite. Also there's an official launch happening in Brighton on the ................. 10th of August with poetry, comics and HOPEFULLY SOME GOOD CIDERS. 

Did me a logo for new Bristol band THE UGLY VISIONS last week - sort of altbluesrock - an assuredly a bunch of chaps
I love the smell of a paid commission in the morning. Pencils by Grant Perkins, Inks by Tom Schloendorn, Colours by me. If ever you want to commission me just GIVE ME A SHOUT. Open the window, shout out of it. I'll probably then arrive.

 This is John Munch. He has been in Homicide, The Wire, Law & Order, Sesame Street, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The X-Files and NUMEROUS OTHERS as the same character. Which is some kind of continuity cake record I reckon. And therefore he is a god to me. The petition to get him in everything on television ever is now in progress. I WON'T REST UNTIL I SEE HIM IN WALLACE & GROMIT. Where's Wallace?
 What if Chopper had become a judge?
What if the 2000ad boards ran AWESOME art competitions supported by the mighty Tharg himself and with BONAFIDE prizes?
What if Owen moderated that competition and therefore had a vested interest in promoting it all over the place?

 What may seem outwardly like a bit of a silent period for the upcoming first Journal has in fact been RIDICULOUSLY BUSY. Editing scripts and whatnot - we've filled up the first issue and it's looking RATHER DANDY. I'm currently on an artist hunt - if you're an interested party give us a shout on with sequential examples. Or don't- leave the house and climb that nearby tree. Go on.

Go on get up the tree.


Saturday 9 June 2012

Early June and the House-Movin' Shuffle

Here's me and the missus at the door of our new abode. It's pretty durned swanky I tells ye! With turning taps and opening windows and all those mod cons. There'll be a housewarming at some point - those who want to get involved MESSAGE ME. I suspect there will be cider.


Who likes steampunk with their cup of brown joy? 

Because me, and the glorious James Feist, Ghostpockets and Noah Rodenbeek have been beavering away the last halfyear drawing a comic for chap hop phenomenon and Victoriana rapfellow Professor Elemental. It has a cover by Conan's Mike Hawthorne AND PLENTY OF LARKS.

You can buy it from his website


It's been a slow-arse fortnight for the group - but our next meeting is this coming Tuesday at the Golden Guinea as per. Do come along if you're able, it's a lovely pub and there's ALWAYS A FOLK MUSIC NIGHT upstairs - ! SAY WHAAAAT. Facebook event is here


Hairy Pothead is some manner of Harry Potter hemparody written by Canadian politician Dana Larsen and drawn by the amazingly amazing Trystan Mitchell. Who is amazing. I've been doing my first BONAFIDE flatting work for it - and the Trystanman has written a lovely blog about it here

From now on... dear Flaubert St Cloud will be in FULL COLOUR. Oh crikey do you really have TIME to do all that, O? No. But I'LL DO IT ANYWAY.
The second Misery Wizard written by eternal optimist Rob Phillips and featured, along with a full archive of Flaubert on the Crazy Fox Machine Facebook -- >
Bit of Al Swearengen from HBO's superlative Deadwood series. Possibly one of my favourite television things ever. I BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVEJOY.
Some Thrill-Suckers emerging from those SINISTER Olympic mascots. Thrill-Suckers are 2000ad creatures who SUCK THRILLS. That's Tharg there in the background rubbing his formidable Betelgeusian chin.  This was for the 2000ad forum competition - NOW WITH PRIZES. The next one is here  -,36216.0.html - TAKE PART. WIN PRIZES.

That about wraps it up. No real news on t'comic front - Dr WTFs are still available - and the deadline for scripts for the first Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel is JULY 1st. So gettim in - !