Sunday 11 August 2013


It's been a crazily hectic few weeks since the last blog - partially because of the build-up to the release of the second Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and partially because of REDUNDANCY. But these are matters for other blogs and other days - FIRSTLY

I've changed the order in which I do Dreddheads so hopefully we'll have a lot more of them and the long list of requests can be cut down. In the last couple of weeks Rebellion have officially endorsed the campaign for a Dredd sequel which is enormous - hopefully it's not the last we've seen of these uniforms on screen! The most recent one, above, is Kitty Hawk from small press book "Razarhawk" by Dani Abram & Ian Matthews.

Here is the TWENTY FOURTH page of goat-in-purgatory webcomic epic "Flaubert St Cloud" written by the formidable Geoffery Crescent and drawn by me. You can catch up on the whole saga on the Crazy Fox Machine Webcomics FB Page - not the most updated page on the internet but the most Goatlike.

For The Bag of Nails a Bristol pub - based on the Bristol coat of arms

Recently drew this sort of vague representation of the Bristol city coat of arms for local pub The Bag of Nails - I gave them several variations and above is the most OTT one - the final poster was more minimalistic:

All words and colours and the like on the final poster were designed by pub landlord Luke.

El Bigote. Drawn by SKD coloured by me
Another recent thing I did was the colouring on this El Bigote pin-up - the original art is by the faultless SKD - check out the Facebook page for further detalles.

Above is a page from Final Death Race a comic I'm lettering that's due out soon from Bluewater productions - this and a lot of other pages were shared in an intereview with writer Paul H Birch and artistic director Gary Crutchley recently on IndieComix.  

Now, back to the job hunt -