Thursday 22 May 2014

May Goings-On

It's been a busy (and until now) sunny May and since m'last blog post I've been all over the shop. Well - to Birmingham anyway for the fantastically Dreddy Lawgiver and then the Bristol Comics Expo just after flogging The Psychedelic Journal. I also had a birthday which was a bit of a lark.

I'm knocking up posters for a fabulously fuzzy monthly noise night in Bristol known as Noise Annoys and the inaugural gig a month ago today (blimey) was as smashing as it was deafening. As you can see above the next 'un is a fortnight from now and should be grand! All hail King Tansey

I Must Break You.

Sov Judge Ivan Drago 
  Judge Tyres - Murphyville transfer to the Brit-Cit Rave Squad. BE LUCKY.Psi-Judge Delia Smith

Catching up with my big fat Dreddheads backlog a bit this month - a moderately unsuccessful Ivan Drago from Rocky marks my first foray into Sov territories, a fun "ravejudge" as in Tyres from Spaced was retweeted by the brilliant Michael Smiley and my first ever Psi judge Delia Smith probes into your mind for baking tips or just to judge you on why you're not as candidly passionate about Norwich City FC as she is. Pretty big clue for the next one (due very soon) would be this. Also a big hurrooh and halloof to former housemate and possible king of reality Chris Nolan-Rennie for creating this wonderful pixelart portrait of Dreddhead O for my birthday :D

A birthday pic for my good friend dreddheads  - a pixel version of his DreddSelf!
If you’ve not seen them already, check out the strangest collection of Judges you’ll ever lay eyes upon!

Finally - I got another wee stash of comics from Bristol Comics Expo this year to add to my massive ever-increasing rarely-decreasing pile of to-read comics. The next review is indeed from the Expo last year "ah, so by Bristol 2015 you'll be reading this year's comics, right?" ahahahaha probably not.

Tales From the Gentry (Water Closet Press) Richard Worth/Jordan Collver/Mike Pasquale 

This slim volume from the Ladies & Gentleman crew features four or so short stories related to mysterious Victorian-era vigilante group "The Gentry". It works well as a companion piece to the main volume, and those hankering for more of the universe and more of Jordan Collver's singularly brilliant artwork won't be disappointed. Collver is a difficult act to follow however - and the final story "A Victorian Noir" is illustrated by Mike Pasquale whose linework seems shaky and awkward in comparison - but he uses bold shadows well and clearly has a strong nose for design. A nice taster comic for the unitiated or an appetiser for those longing for more. Looking forward to reading their bulky anthology from later in 2013!