Friday 5 August 2011

Crazy Train

Apologies for another long bloggap (or blap) as I've been busy. MOVING TO BRISTOL. AND TRYING TO GET MONEY FOR ART.

It's not easy - hey hey do you want to pay me to draw?

Passer-By: No! Who are you?

I'm Owen!

Passer-By: No. Please leave.


Anyway, so here's the lowdown on what's been going on artwise for the last month - not a massive amount as I have been organising many things.

Jams for TAB
Bespin. That city wot occasionally clouds it. Possibly one of the most evocative designs in the Star Wars universe. Along with the unseen cavern cities of Alderaan. Sweet.
Syndrome. Central baddie from "The Incredibles" which is MY FAVOURITE FILM POSSIBLY OF ALL TIME. Brad Bird ain't fakin'.
Dr WTF tomfoolery
Sketches for Digital Dr WTF buyers Lanie, Dgym & Matt - cheers you sexy bunch. First is a leprechaun under pursuit (doesn't look much like a leprechaun whoops) second is the Doctor asride his TARDIS lassooing a dragon (doesn't look much like that whoops) and the final is Matt as a sort of loveable Twindie Doctor ;)
Birthday gift for my main man Chris Nolan-Rennie, illustrator of Dr WTF 2011's "From One God to Another" - This is a continuation of the story in the sense that the kryptonite Dalek is getting whupped.

Crabcake IV
Sadly I've decided to partially abandon dear Crabcake for the wild abandons of other projects. Sob - I do love it but I have no time to love it y'dig?

Right that's it. Back to the drawing board!

O x