Monday 25 April 2011

During Donkey Intervals...

I have been drawing other things. Not many things though - largely self promotion and jam.


...let's just let that go now, shall we?

Oh also before we pop on I'll just slap up a panel from THE OTHER THING I've been drawing this fortnight -
Watch out for a page of the Mammoth Jack epic - (written by Dirk van Dom) in Temple APA later this week. Very pleased to be drawing things that will get seen by people again. Also horses - but I barely draw them. Chunky legs.
"A Younger Sun" for The Weekly Themed Art Blog (or TAB) - the theme was dinos/monsters and I longed to draw a Brachiosaurus. They are my favourite dinosaurs because they were awesome and also they had long awesome necks and they were green.

THEY WERE FUCKING GREEN. They didn't have a feathery spine, wikipedia. THEY WEREN'T GREY AND BLOTCHY THEY



I'm not writing a thesis about it, I'm not discussing it with anyone. I'm not telling you how I know they were green. Clue: It involves time eggs. Also - who knew the atmospheric composition was different in the Jurassic era and humans couldn't breathe it?! I certainly didn't. Nearly died.
This was, I believe, for a young man called Daniel Madley who became eightieth like for the ever-swelling Dr WTF Facebook page. Do pop along - ! Someone suggested I added Christ into the mix and I was like NO WAY Jetsharks I can believe, Invisible Bears I can believe - but Jesus?! You must be out of your cake.
Profound apologies for my second TAB this fortnight - specifically to the superlative mind of Henry Flint who I desperately aped to produce this testicular monstrosity. Shakara is in his little ship there and he's plunging through a giant eye made up of giant eyes. Instead it looks like a pierced ball sack. Sorry. I recommend Henry Flint.
"That Darn Masterchief" aka "Achievement Unlocked" aka "I can't draw licenses very well" - for Richmond Clements - who became the ONE HUNDREDTH LIKE for Dr WTF. A million thank yous - much beyond my shaky paltry Master Chief. I never understood Halo. It's like - there's this planet, and like, you're shooting, and like - then you're not. What's the deal with that. - and as for my Doctor Who anthology - it's in it's final stages and the digital version goes on sale


Very exciting - and the print version? Well just turn your pretty eyes downward...

Finally - the third TAB entry is my interpretation of Judge Anderson. A bit Bibi Andersson, a bit ... androgynous ... stern and not at all busty or nipply or any of that shit. It genuinely irritates me. I mean - this shit is what makes the glorious unique world of Judge Dredd that little bit more bland. SHE WOULD AT THE VERY LEAST WEAR A BRA.



Right, little finger off shift - little mind off rant, little bum off the chair - and back to the donkey violence - !


Monday 11 April 2011


I must say, I intentionally didn't go to Kapow! convention in London this weekend because it seemed quite horrendously shallow to bring the leviathan American con format over here - replete with the vacuous stars of screen and blockbuster dullcomics. I see now that I was being very silly. Although Millar seems like a douche. Anyhow - I didn't go and I missed encountering some genuinely nice internet folk in real life, and copped out on staring gazedly at some of the best artists in British comics. And any platform for them is not a terribly bad thing at all.

On to Bristol International, anyway!
I was extremely proud to be part of an amazing comic - written by Mr Mark Howard (WHAT A CHAP) and co-drawn by the fantastic Davey Candlish, El Chivo, Filip Roncone & Lee Bates - with letters by the EXCELLENT Jim Campbell. This was then auctioned off by 'Genre for Japan' and we raised fifty quid! Many thanks to the kind wallet of author Toni Kelner and Wayne Simmons for calling us all to arms. It was an amazing auction featuring some of my favourite artists and writers - and we collectively earned over eleven thousand for Japan! Crikey.

I urge you to do or give. Japan still needs help.
Although the modest Feistmouse was extremely embarrassed by this pictorial birthday tribute, it was my pleasure to produce it. Do check out his Sun & Moon stories in Dogbreath, or visit the man himself on DeviantArt - or march into Portsmouth Ink and place down your arms bellowing "I COMMAND YOU TO TATTOO ME, FEIST". He is a true fella.
Drawn for The Weekly Themed Art Blog - on the subject of non-2000ad British Comics - this is my tribute to Jimmy and His Magic Patch. A Beano story in which a boy had his torn shorts repaired with a CHUNK OF MAGIC CARPET and thenceforth voyages across the winds of time. A majestic concept and one that was treated with such an appealing old school silliness that I've always gone back to it. I mean, so much time travel these days is all about the mystery of the mechanics - I loved it when it was like "look, he's travelling time - fucking deal with it" BUT WHY "Magic shorts is why, NOW SHUT UP THERE ARE DINOSAURS".
The first of two photo-traces I did this fortnight. I'll go into my anxieties over the method in the next one - but this was a brilliant concept for the brother of Lowri Ann Davies who is clearly an insanely silly child and deserves as many comics as the world can throw at him. I have no opinion or interest in Aston Villa or football - twas a requirement of the brother and nothing more!
My second was for Mother's Day/My Mother's birthday which fell on the same day this year. It's a portrayal of my grandmother who was a powerfully brilliant lady and will be remembered. Here though I must explain that I find the idea of photo-traces very cheap. People seem very impressed and excited in them - and they are the simplest and best way to capture a likeness. The awesome Staticgirl said that she thought mine were justified and contained enough of my personality to carry them through - and even though they take me as long as any picture to draw and colour - if not a little longer - I feel like I've got to the final image through a shortcut. Will do more observational drawing.
Finally - and WITH NO TRACING (disappointing without, isn't it) I pay tribute to the marvellous madcap doodlings of our Pal in Canada; Liam "Ghostpockets" Byrne. Who remains one of the nicest and most enthusiastic artists I've ever met on the internet. I urge you to seek him and his work out - it's fucking glorious.

That's it - I'm off. But beware ... DONKEYS are on their way ;)

O x