Sunday 21 April 2013

Mid April Adventures

This is from the last meeting of the Bristol Comic Creators - the theme was "cosmonaut" so I drew Spider-Man doing shit ventriloquism. As is the way of drunken artjams.
The next one is on May 14th as always at the Golden Guinea and it's OPEN TO ALL - the FB event is here RSVP if you fancy it - !

Over on Comicsy I did an interviewy type thing about inspirations, philosophies and that sort of thing - you can read it all here - and I hope it doesn't make me sound the enormous douche that I am.
Laydees Do Comics had a splendiferous event the other week in Bristol town and I hobbled along and had a gander. Put together by Paula Knight it was a nice speaking-cake-and-comics type thing and I highly recommend it.

The three speakers were Rosie Faragher of Loaf, an amazingly enthusiastic Joff Winterhart wot did "Days of the Bagnold Summer" and the hilarious Hannah Berry who has done bloody loads of awesome stuff and did quite an informative mini-lecture on the mechanics of making sequential art scary.
Another Dreddhead - this time of Zippy, I've done two since the last blog and NOW there's a central place for all of them - - I'll be slowly uploading all of them and all the new ones will go there. So if you want your finger on the DREDDHEAD PULSE... then. Well follow it.

Finally - I've been doing a bit of flatting for the glorious Kev Levell & Matt Soffe for "Banned Across the Universe" by ROK comics written by the legendary John Freeman. Very psyched to be involved in this, even in just a flatting capacity. For folk that don't know flats are basic colours laid down before proper colouring (shading, lighting etc) are laid down. It's a fiddly and time-consuming task and so the job is often outsourced. It may seem dull but even flatting Kev's stuff is a bloody joy and I can't wait to see what the amazing Mr Soffe does with it :D


Friday 5 April 2013


March has buggered off and the last fortnight has been rather quiet. Well, extremely hectic, but quiet in it's own sort of way.

FIRST OFF, I'm going to do a bit of Pimpage to three things I think people should be looking at.

1: Sentient Zombie Space Pigs

One of the rarest of things: a tolerable Kickstarter. With a modest goal and unpretentious rewards - SZSP (as it isn't known) is a truly refreshing thing. I support it whole-heartedly. From those lovely folk behind Disconnected Press - Liz and Conor Boyle. 

2: Flotsam

A new webcomic on Facebook by the brilliant Jonathan Taylor who is brilliant. Atmospheric and beautiful, go and like it, watch as the story grows!
3. Space-Mullet

I literally don't remember where I bumped into Daniel Warren Johnson's Space-Mullet but it's swiftly become one of my favourite things in the universe. It's a damned good story told with the kind of absurdly edible art that wouldn't look out of place in a mainstream book. Can't recommend it higher.

This is the winning entry for March's 2000ad art comp. Despite Bob Molesworth's Mongrol winning by a landslide, it had absurdly tough competition and the runners up were absurdly close. This month I also set up a home for the art comp on Facebook so you can see the folk behind the amazing entries and have them all in one easily-browsable location: check it oot. Keep your eye on the page for something new as well in the next few weeks ;) 
Here's Jack Harkness as a Judge for a Torchwood Megafan. I'm still doing these! Day by day by day.

Here are some bears. I doodled them in Bristol one cidery evening with Drinking Creative a group that combines two of the loveliest things in life that aren't Jazz (the human), riffs or cheesy garlic bread. All five things together equals the most profoundly good evening. Ahem. Here's another bear:

and finally the 22nd page of Flaubert written by Geoffery Crescent. If you want to see all Flaubert then ye can on my Facebook webcomics pppaaaage