Sunday 27 March 2011

Morning Dew

....and we're off.

Another fortnightly update on my going-ons and adventures. I'm considering making them a little more frequent - BUT WHO HAS THE TIME?!
This is 'Junkyard Dog' an image for Mr Mark Corbett of Shoot the Moon - for becoming seventieth (!) like for Dr WTF on Facebook. Are you reading this and haven't liked it? THEN YOU ESSENTIALLY HATE ME. I don't mean to be needy BUT IT'S JUST HAPPENED.
Here, the first of two drawings for the Weekly Themed Art Blog images what it would be like if the Judges were in Tron. Thrilling thought. So thrilling I am now dancing.
This is the image for the 'editor' page of my Dr WTF anthology. It's me drinking out of a cup. I want you to guess which pun I've made/nicked from Joe Quesada. Actually don't. Don't guess. Just be quiet.
Dennis at sixty - I loved the Beano as a child (but scandalously I actually read the Dandy more - they had fucking Smasher!) -- Raise a glass to the nation's most treasured bully. That isn't Thatcher. OHOHOHOHO SATIRE.
Finally another image for the Weekly Themed Art Bloggity Blog. It's my favourite ever game. I bloody love it - so evocative, so heartbreaking, so fucking fantastic I'm going to cut short this blog and go and play it. But first...
The magnificent twelve stories in my anthology - go on - go and like it on Facebook. GO ON.

O x

Saturday 12 March 2011

Victim of the LEMUR?!

Interesting title. But it bears no relation to the blog at hand.

Just rushing in to update y'all on my various goings on over the last fortnight. It has rushed by and today has rammed me full in the face. Now I lie, spread-eagled with my fang'd jaw agape. My lifeblood and bits of skull scattered across the unforgiving tarmac.

This has nothing to do with a particularly resonant dead badger I saw on my road yesterday. When I came back from work it had gone. Who had taken it? For what nefarious purpose? I may never know.

Before we go on I'd like to further drag down the tone to briefly mention a chap who died this week - a regular fixture of Glastonbury high street - permanently at an easel painting the buildings. I was desperately sad to see the flowers and paint brushes stacked up at the side of the road.
This image is for the 2000ad forum's monthly competition. This one was "I Heart 2000ad" -

My personal pleasure button is in-universe continuity. The weak-ass Simpsons-style Marvel DC stuff gets me down. It's boring. Oh that's the same Batman that's been roaming the streets since 1939?! Fuck off. Seriously. From the moment I picked up 2000ad ten years ago I was swept into a world of imagination and gloriously psychedelic consistency. Rooted in to their own insane universes.

At the end of Dead Eyes when Indigo Prime showed up? HELLO. When Lobster Random was unmasked after D'Israeli's insane run on The Vort? INDEED. When Hammersteins showed up in Savage? When recently it turned out that all Ian Edginton's universes were connected?


Although how do you express continuity?

I just drew a stand-off in an unconvincing cake. Sorry.

This is a trace of a photo for my friend Arthur's birthday. I have a horse - ? Sorry I don't know why I wrote that but I'll leave it in as an insight into my brain. It's fairly scruffy and not very good but it looked quite shiny on paper. For a much better image see the original photograph - tracing is bad.
This is a dinosaur lawyer. For the band (?) Dinosaur Lawyers.

These two were for the Weekly Themed Art Blog - which you can also join in with on Facebook and observe the INCREDIBLY AMAZING stuff by other artists who are SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than me.

Well - that's it then. I'll update ye when I have more stuff - and may I remind you to listen in to my adventures through time on Glastonbury FM Fridays 8-9pm and repeated Saturdays 5-6pm. Or just shuffle on over to MixCloud and listen WHENEVER YOU WANT. Say whhaaat.

Oh - and do 'like' Dr WTF on Facebook if you haven't already. It may seem outwardly to have fallen quiet - but the letters are nearly complete and the thing will be together and printing this time next week (HOW EXCITING).