Sunday 20 September 2009

No Quarter

Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that's slow
The dogs of doom are howling more

So - here it is - the first attempt at actually STARTING a blog after realizing that there are far more efficient ways of spreading my audiojoy throughout the cosmos (currently the best bet is my fan page on Facebook known excitingly as 'Crazy Fox Machine'). Each blog entry will bit split into two very EXCITING COLOUR-CODED sections - the first being 'LIFE' and all that that vaguely entails -- the second is 'ART'. I'll try to update most weeks of the sodding year - but you know how it goes. Livejournal certainly does.

Harumph. Firstly I want to get the melodrama out of the way - this weekend someone who already has an extremely low opinion of me was no doubt further lowered beyond comprehension by the absurdly drunk (not me I hasten to add). I'm sure I'm powerless to prevent these things, and as the wheels of time grind queasily on no doubt more well-meaning people will fall into troughs of spite toward me created entirely by the INCREDIBLY SILLY THINGS I'm known to do. Oh bloody well.
Secondly - it's Fresher's Week - and the tiny lunatics are everywhere. People I know complain of feeling old but I've been there and felt that and now I just feel POWERFULLY INDIFFERENT. My household is now complete and all feels suitably busy for a term of work avoidance. Harroop.

Finally - enough of that horrendous bullhorse - it's time for art. Being that it's gone midnight and we're now very technically within the realms of the 21st of this month I've decided all is gravy to show the fruit of my labours for a certain Mr Doore of my household (being that technicolour extravagance that separates my colour-coded sections). The next piece of art I've not decided on yet - but my Rocksoc fliers will be all over the shop come Thursday's student fair - each individually graffiti'd by me in a vain attempt to get publicity. Not including this blogspot of course. D'oh.
The next AUDIO BOLLOCKS has finally come out vaguely alive from the scriptwriting process and I intend to start recording and editing with a preliminary finish of Tuesday. Tuesday also looks to be the date of my Fresher's Week radio show - co-hosted by the beautifully bespectacled Adam 'Progman' Page.

Right. That's it. The colour's over - everything is done and dusted on this; the first proper blog entry. There will be more pictures and more SAUCE next time 'round don't you worry. See you on the 27th and have a beautiful Fresher's Week wherever you are.

Art be here

Audio be here

O - x

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