Sunday 28 February 2010

Grim Utter Death a pleasant way to live. Hello folks, just glaring accusingly at some sources *grumble iron age transitions in Europe* sorry you're going to get that a lot this week. I'm doing about seven billion things at any one time so BEAR WITH ME. Life dis kolor - art I dis kolor, right?

Noble intent has robbed me of my life this week so this colour will not be used to it's full extent, although I will drop a quick shout in for Activities Alan - on the off-chance that anyone from Sheffield Uni is reading this and undecided who to vote for come Tuesday - I can't recommend Al higher. He's a hard worker and really cares about his work. So, y'know - FUCKING DO IT.
If it isn't glaringly obvious, it's elections time up here in Sheffield - and basically everybody has been freaking out - there's been smear campaigns and banner destroyin' sessions and all manner of ridiculously unnecessary shit that should be left to real politicians to waste their time with. Speaking of, the Tories are pressuring the BBC to shut down their only good radio stations - add your support against this lunacy at this group.
So here we ART. - This week Dan Shandy and Ron Lamp were on Forge Radio, and it was moderately funny although Dan did come across as a bit of a shit. Rumour has it they'll finally get their-long awaited album out this year and I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting it.
The second page of Crabcake was polished off after my blog last week, and I urge you to go have a gander at a larger version over at DeviantArt - because I spent a little bit of time colouring it and I'm rather fond of it and all the other reasons that you should go. Below are two pieces of colouring I did for the unparalleled Wizard-y Joe and his UNDOUBTEDLY WARPED MIND.

Again - larger versions at DeviantArt. If you have the stomach for them. Final news this week is that I was invited by the SIMILARLY DISTURBED MIND OF MR GHOSTPOCKETS to a sketch-jam group on aforementioned Deviant-themed art site. Feral Gargantua it is called, populated by a great deal of incredibly good artists, myself not included. The first challenge was to stomach the lesser-seen Beastmaster film and produce some fanart - and the second, to visualize the Feral Gargantua creature as your mind sees it. These can be seen below, and larger at that site. That one.

Right - that's me done. I'll see you on the DEADLINE-BOTHERIN' DATE of March 7th. Shudder. Shuddery wuddery. All you'll probably get is me going "OOooooerrr" and nothing else.

If you're lucky.

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