Sunday 13 June 2010


My Life - My Heart - Black Night - Dark Star

This is the last ever blog I shall write from my Sheffield abode. It's a little sad - but I can feel the future rushing up to bite me on the face. Ouch! Thanks future - thanks for biting me on the face.

The last fortnight has been replete with adventuring - across the wide seas and through mysterious jungle I have been. Trekked the deserts and strode over mountains. Actually I went to London. That was it. Saw the astounding Chrome Hoof launch their new album from a sweaty Hackney warehouse. Much vodka was consumed and many lols were had. I encourage you absolutely to seek out their music and observe their forms - it gets no better than that.
What you see above is the first page of the SECOND PART of my all-consuming space saga Crabcake. The crew find themselves captured by the Volian Supercones and Waned THINKS THAT THEY ARE PRICKS. He may be righter than he knows. Look out for the second page. Or take a gander at the full page over at this link here.
This image is my attempt at a Rube Goldberg machine - "A small person watches the TARDIS on a hover telly/stool - inconveniencing a bobbing bird of some description - whose movement encourages affixed cheese to arouse the attentions of a nearby conveyormouse who runs and runs but ends up - with affixed fluffsticks bothering a cat below". Is what I said about it over here where the big picture is.
This remarkably specialist image was for a 2000ad board competition wherein the 'middle page' of a story had to be summarized. The page portrayed here was the fiftieth page of 'The Southampton Sharks' - an interesting tale in the canon of 'The Mean Arena' which was created by Tom Tully and John Richardson back IN THE DAWN OF TIME. It took me a time to do and I quite like it. You can see the bigger version here.
Finally - this is a promotional image for my new audio adventure which can be heard over here. It's a rollcoaster of a tale crammed with sizzling elves and much use of the phrase 'douche' and lots of snazzy special effects and stolen foley. Go on. Check it out. What's the worst that could happen? Copyright infringement?! A big thank-you to regular Runeshaw Chris Nolan-Rennie and special guests Jazz, Adam and Alan as the numerous douchelves. DELVES?

Well this is it then - keep your eye on my Facebook for the coming days will see the return of my ALPHABET ROCK summary of great music. Hopefully there will be undiscovered gems galore. Or just a fuckton of commercial bollocks depending on your obscurity level.

I will write again after... well after Glastonbury festival. Farewell Sheffield - !

O - x

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