Monday 6 September 2010


welcome to the beginning of the end.

This fortnight's theme is, without a doubt, the good lady Jazz. My colourful confidante without whom life would be a lot less ... Jazzy. It was her birthday in the last week and so I done various things to tickle her fancy. She's also now taking photographs and spewing phenomenal poetry which you can observe over at at the old DeviantArt.

So - I took one of her MORE DISTURBING poems and gave it a bit of a drawing. Lovely isn't it? Lovely and DISTURBING. Here's to you former birthdayJazz. You can see the bigger thing over on ... you know. Whatever it's called.

....did you think I was ever coming back? Those things, those time-consuming things, were all for The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society of Sheffield - presided over by young lady I'm fairly familiar with. Lovely. They're designed to be stuck about and put on and off and within and without - so - I HOPE THEY USE THEM WELL. The full parade can be seen at this location.

This final wee beastie is the head portion of an Exquisite Corpse jam (as well as being a rather fat tribute to auld Jack Kirby). The other two portions of the body FOR THERE ARE ONLY TWO will be down by the right honourable Carl Pierce and Mr Ghost P Ockets himself. Will post the results when it's complete. Fantabulous.

The other news - as signalled by the TARDIS above that I haven't yet drawn is my new anthology venture which will include such big names as Richmond Clements, James Feist & Alex Ronald AND MAYBE YOU - message me if you want to get involved. It's non-profit, and it's all about the majestic alternate universe Doctors that may or may not exist. Here's the inside skinny. Jaysus.

Will return on the 20th with much more (including new Crabcake for certain as well as exciting stories FROM BEYOND SOMERSET) - !

O - x

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