Wednesday 3 November 2010


"It's instilled to want to live.
Bombs dropping down.
Please forgive our hometown
in our insignificance."

Now that filthy bit of quoting is out of the way it's time to get on with the SEVERAL DAYS OVERDUE blog. What have I been up to? Where have I been? What travels and exotic sights and glorious things have I seen?

I'm not here to provide you with that information. I'm not here for opinion - just made-up words and sounds and images that spill out of me like so much wretched vomit. ENJOY.

Bender and K9 go out for a stroll in the infinite white of purgatory. This was for the TV Sidekicks challenge on Feral Gargantua - the larger thing can be seen here. The inks of this were given to my lovely pals in Brighton town so they can gaze upon K9's metal doghead forevermore.
Drawn by the astounding and PERSISTENTLY LOVELY Liam GhostPockets - master of the fine cheekbone and the kind-hearted networking. It has been commented that the most right-on part of this is the big purple bit. Which I put in for lols. The larger version is UP IN HERE YO.

This one has become sad for me - as auld Stephen Fry threw a bit of a wobbler and stormed off Twitter. Both him and Mr Ralf "Dunwich" Kahlert are like memories now - sweet whispering internet ghosts that once were so lovely and now are enormous in their absence. May the winds of time bring them back to us. Big here.

A logo for a glamtacular curly-haired metalman and his company. I wish him many epic and metallic travels amongst the spandex-laiden wailing guitar fields of Somerset. The big yowl is hencewards.

This is simply Crazy Fruit on the loose. That is the nature of it. Wholly inspired by the wickedly whacky Mr Bobbymono.
Uh-oh. It's the time of the season! For halloween japery and VERY responsible pisstakes of certain vacuous vampire franchises. Written by the superbly silly Dave Roberts, letters by Malcolm Kirk and the entire comic (featuring work from many right-on dudes of the small press realm) is AVAILABLE FREE FROM THIS SITE - see the BIG THING HERE

Finally a little something colour'd for my dear ally Dr James 'Dark Jimbo' Feist. Lord of the realm, chapper of the chaps. The lines are by him clearly. FEAST YOUR FACE.

Finally - an update on our DOCTOR WTF?! project.

Creators not submitted/matched up
Arron Ferguson
Cathy Smedley
Mike Bunt
Richmond Clements

Matched up waiting for scripts
Adam Page & Chris Nolan-Rennie
Martin Collins & Davey Cavendish
Rob Phillips & Owen Watts

Art in progress
Dirk Van Dom & Mitahane - "Chronoleech"
Emceehamster & Darren Stephens - Doctor v Davros
The Enigmatic Dr X & Darren Cornwell - "What Happens in Amsterdam..."
Greg M & DarkJimbo - "Kitsch 'n' Sink"
Jazz Woods & GhostPockets - "Fear of the Dark"
J.M. Whiteley & UncleFester - "Berlin"
Locusts of Death & Bhuna - "Cosmic Excrement"
Ozebane & Cthulouis - "Back to the Wreckage"

Other duties
Carl Pearce - Front Cover
Alex Ronald - Potential Back Cover
Colouring Duties - Simon Gough

There. Excited are ye - ? Good. Reading this and haven't finished your script?! Then GO GO GO GO GO GO!

I'll return in a fortnight with more gaudy colouring and extremely unimpressive art -


O - x

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  1. do you know where Dunwich is ? I was looking at his deviantart page again with a feeling of nostalgia. hope he's ok..