Sunday 12 December 2010

You Never Know

...when the nibbles will strike - !

Good day. It's been a positively thrilling three weeks since last I called into blog land. I don't want to spoil anything - BUT I DID GIVE BIRTH TO RACCOONS. Seven, whom I haven't yet named but I want to avoid the clich├ęs (like the names of dwarves, deadly sins or base metals).
This is the title page for my new website which is being designed by my VERY OWN HERMANO. When it's complete it'll act as a gallery for all the bog standard art, exceptionally poorly designed audio AND FUCKING HOT COLLABORATIONS that I spew out on a tri-daily basis.
This image is for the centrepage for a new peace-centric newspaper published by positives and good-eggs from Sheffield. To see the bigger thing hop over to my new DevArt. Oh yeah; I have a new Deviant Art account. What was Metal-Truncator all about?! I wasn't called that anywhere else - ! What a loon.
This is for the exceptionally lovely people over at 2000ad online - every year they do an 'advent calender' thread where each day a member puts up amazing shit. It's totally fucking cool. What a lovely bunch. It depicts the good Doctor (or a vague approximation of him) being hijacked by D.R. & Quinch (ultraviolent slackers created by Alan Moore) . Bigger version. Forum version.
This is a bit of early concept stuff for a thing me and my lady are working on. It's about a goat. A goat that traverses the fictional realm of hell. That's his doctor up there. Bigger version.
A Christmas gift for a friend (and his special friend). Disgusting isn't it? YOU CAN'T HOLIDAY IN SPACE - THAT'S LUDICROUS. Full version.
Finally I re-designed Captain Scarlet for the glorious folk at Feral Gargantua (reading this and not involved? Go and get INVOLVED BOY). The topic was just sort of... generally Gerry Anderson's stuff but in the future. He looks horrible it's super rough and I hate it. OH WELL. Full thing here.
Yes it's that time again - ! A Dr WTF update - !!! Wooooooooo. I let you know with NO small lump in my throat that it's going very well and my latest acquisition is a potentially fucking ridiculous image from "snareser" and Simon Gough. Yikes. Below are all our stories (AND SOME MAGICAL PREVIEWS - courtesy of the artists)

Alan Holloway/Darren Stephens

Derek Hammill/Dan Cornwell
What Happens in Amsterdam...

House of Usher/Exilewood

Martin Collins/Dave Candlish

Dirk Van Dom/Nicholas Bannwath

Emepror/Mike Bunt
The Secret of Comedy

Greg Meldrum/James Feist
Kitsch 'n' Sink

Jazz Woods/Liam Byrne
Fear of the Dark

John Whiteley/Conor Boyle

Matthew McLaughlin/Neil Roche
Cosmic Excrement

Oscar M/Cthulouis
Back to the Wreckage

And that is that. EXCITED YET? I certainly am.

See you.... potentially after that festive thing that's happening. Good luck with that.

O - x

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