Sunday 27 March 2011

Morning Dew

....and we're off.

Another fortnightly update on my going-ons and adventures. I'm considering making them a little more frequent - BUT WHO HAS THE TIME?!
This is 'Junkyard Dog' an image for Mr Mark Corbett of Shoot the Moon - for becoming seventieth (!) like for Dr WTF on Facebook. Are you reading this and haven't liked it? THEN YOU ESSENTIALLY HATE ME. I don't mean to be needy BUT IT'S JUST HAPPENED.
Here, the first of two drawings for the Weekly Themed Art Blog images what it would be like if the Judges were in Tron. Thrilling thought. So thrilling I am now dancing.
This is the image for the 'editor' page of my Dr WTF anthology. It's me drinking out of a cup. I want you to guess which pun I've made/nicked from Joe Quesada. Actually don't. Don't guess. Just be quiet.
Dennis at sixty - I loved the Beano as a child (but scandalously I actually read the Dandy more - they had fucking Smasher!) -- Raise a glass to the nation's most treasured bully. That isn't Thatcher. OHOHOHOHO SATIRE.
Finally another image for the Weekly Themed Art Bloggity Blog. It's my favourite ever game. I bloody love it - so evocative, so heartbreaking, so fucking fantastic I'm going to cut short this blog and go and play it. But first...
The magnificent twelve stories in my anthology - go on - go and like it on Facebook. GO ON.

O x

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