Tuesday 6 September 2011

Brum 2011

 The second convention that Dr WTF showed up at this year - and it went spiffingly. Despite the cost for a single day's selling me and co-seller Jazz (pictured below - flogging tons more copies than have ever been sold) did alright!
We also got some gorgeous sketches from passers-by - and I drew POWERGIRL for Jatinder Ghataora's POWERGIRL COLLECTION OF POWERGIRLS.
Also so did Jazz -

Oh dear.

Now some words  on folks and comics that you should LOOK AT and BUY:
Dave Evans - Futurequake/Zarjaz/Dogbreath

King of the small press, Mr Dave Evans occasional acts as my Dr Cox-style mentor into the wondrous world of small press. I cannot recommend any other anthologies higher for sheer variety and over-the-wall out-the-shed through-the-garden over-the-other-wall silliness. Everyone I love are in 'em - including (but not limited to) my Bristol tablemate Dave Thomson - the ever-lovin' James Feist - "The Nicest Man That's Dave Frankum" Dave Frankum - with covers by Alex Ronald and Neil Ford. BUY IT

Nich Angell - 7 String/Cat & Meringue
The incredible 7 String (a musical epic) and the CONSTANT Cat & Meringue are products of the glorious Nich Angell. A man who so doggedly conventions it I can barely conceive of the material that powers him. Awkwardly positioned opposite the queue for Dave Gibbons at Brum this year but with A LOVELY BANNER and doodling Cat & Meringue live. I recommend passing him a visit and buying his stuff and TOUCHING HIS FACE.

D'Israeli - SVK/Timularo/Lazarus Churchyard/Low Life/Scarlet Traces/Leviathan/etc etc etc
My absolute hero - the LIVING GOD OF SPACE (ALSO COMICS). Mr Matt Brooker was sharing a table with the fabulous Ian Edginton (who is gloriously mixing all of his stories running in 2000ad into one massive continuity cake which I hugely approve of). I'd never met him before so I spent an embarrassing amount of time near him trying to grab his face - I also purchased SVK (a comic with a UV torch and hidden speech bubbles and a collection of early works called Timularo). He also did a sketch for Dr WTF. Oh yes.

Wayne Hughes - Carrot Graphix/Sabre
A chap I met on the train up from Bristol who rather embodied the spirit of the convention for me. Enthusiastic friendly and talented as the working day is long. I recommend you check him out and I look forward to his contribution to Dr WTF 2012 ;)

Other glorious folk - Matthew Soffe, Dunk Nimmo, Carcass & Slime -

Dr WTF will only be at Thought Bubble in a limited capacity, although I will be there with my portfolio and business cards and I WILL STICK THEM DOWN YOUR FACE. SERIOUSLY. EAT IT.

O x

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