Saturday 10 December 2011


Time again for a bit of a round-up and round-about of all the general activity of the last few weeks.

First off it's high time I shared this with you - 
The superlative Carl Pearce drew this in response to something I did for him a billion years ago. Absolutely floored. The guy is a genius - he drew the cover for Dr WTF 2011 - click on his name up there and go and give him some love. Crabcake will be back sooner than you can say accurately say hammeltartleboon. 

Secondly - I went to see Professor Elemental in Stokes Croft. A very good, if not a slightly messy, evening. Met (and...I think bought drinks for) many a good Bristolian steampunker and admired many a beard. Elemental kicked some arse live as far as I recall. Then suddenly it was the next day and my head hurt. The Elemental comic is coming along well - I look forward to seeing it finished!

Thirdly - a plug for the blog of my workmate Dawn Powell - Subliminal Cheeze. If you've ever REALLY wanted to know what us down-at-heel working archaeologists get up to day-to-day then her odes to cider and in-depth taste tests will answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.


Wha-hey. The finale of Time Tale III and the first two parts of IV. The latter was written by the amazing Ghostpockets. Who is a god. If you're interested in writing a Time Tale give us a shout ;)
Parts X & XI of Jamella & Marmalad. You can always catch up on my Facebook page if you'd like. Written by Jasmine - whom I've been officially annoying for two years this month. She also wrote Flaubert - which is ONGOING - >
I did several GIFTS for folk this last fortnight: 
This is for Chris Mole - the guitarist in Northern Oak and the guy responsible for the Professor Elemental comic (he's writing all the stories). This is based on a comic idea that he and I were fannying about with in 2007. All about a man's struggles in a future ice age - we're likely to pick it up and run with it again in the future. But until now - savour the sight of a character you don't know bumping into a time-travelling Elemental ;)
This is something that I (partially) drew for Nich Angell - creator of 7String and Cat & Meringue. He's an enormous inspiration and a good chap. His relentless drawing energy inspired me to start up my weekly webcomics which have emboldened my style and sped me up immeasurably. So for this reason I clumsily inserted Jamella into his DAILY Cat & Meringue strip. I'm currently working through the paper editions of it and man 'TIS BEEFY.
Portrait I did of Darren, a machine driver on our archaeological site. There's a mouse on his shoulder and he said his mother was going to frame it. I'm not certain why but I feel rather... well, proud of that really. 
*EDIT* Whoops! This is my entry for the 2000ad forum advent calendar -featuring Flaubert, Jamella and a TARDIS. Also Dirty Frank and John Burdis as a judge. I'll be doing more later in the month - but I recommend you take a look, there's some truly astounding stuff on there.

Christmas competition entry for the Rik Mayall Facebook page - if you go and like the picture I might win. It's highly unLIKEly but you might as well, like ;)
So - some very big news this last two weeks. First off, Dr WTF 2011 is now on sale digitally at Lulu and CAN BE YOURS for only two pounds! BUY IT

Secondly - the call for an artist was answered by the wonderful David Broughton (who drew a Spencer Nero tale for last Paragon wot I lettered). Additionally the incredibly talented Gavin Mitchell who won 2000ad's "Dragon's Den" Future Shock competition at Thought Bubble is doing a page for us. 
I shit you not. The guy kicks arse. On top of that revelation the COVER now finished and (I'll be brutally honest) IT'S FUCKING AMAZING. Partially all will be revealed as a festive teaser on Christmas day. So keep your eyes on the Dr WTF Facebook page ;)

Finally - here is the teaser for Paul Clark and Dan Bell's story from Dr WTF 2012 entitled "Lights Out"

EXCITED MUCH? See you again just afore Christmas ;)


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