Thursday 3 May 2012

The Late April Tango

See that? That's potentially a door that'll belong to Jasmine and I. And by "belong" I mean - we'll be renting it. Just the door. The property beyond is none of my concern. But yes, this is the first you're seeing of a wee flat that me and m'good lady have had the great fortune to stumble upon. Weird, isn't it? WEIRD AND GOOD.
Here's the third sixties show of my essentially pointless rock podcasty thingy thing. I enjoy it though - and hey, you might discover something new. Although you may only discover that my voice is quite annoying and that I sound like a seal trapped under an awkward rock.

The lady Jazz and occasional Crescent has done several things of note recently. No.1: She wrote a blogrant about fanfic and how LARGELY POINTLESS it is --> disagree? Go and see! Ye might find comfort in her words - although she is the woman who wrote several tribute poems to Watership Down so I wouldn't take any offence you make find to heart! No.2: She's continually updating her in-progress novel on it's own Weebly and you can go and absorb it - or WAIT for the self-published version chock full of interesting maps and Odrawings that'll hit conventions next year ;)

What do the two pictures above have in common? ...aside from the fact that they are bloody splendid?! Well - I will tell you. I am ABOUT to tell you. Are you excited about being told? Because you are ABOUT TO BE TOLD. They are two images from the first two member profiles up on the Bristol Comic Creators website! There are more on their way - and I've been assured new comicy folk will be showing up at our next meeting on the EIGHTH OF MAY <--- details are behind the words. Do come along, enjoy a cider and the sounds of a folk band playing upstairs. Which is as pleasant as it is intrusive.

My new comic THE PSYCHEDELIC JOURNAL OF TIME TRAVEL has been mentioned on Rich McAuliffe's glorious Everything Comes Back to 2000ad blaawg at this location. We ARE still looking for writers - there are 28 pages (as of today) yet to be filled and THEY NEED TO BE. So get onto me with your psychedelic time travel stories to or visit our slinky sexy almost impossibly gorgeous Facebook page.

That's it then.Jamella and Marmalad are done with for the moment. Or are they? Because a little birdy has told me (or rather has exchanged a few e-mails with me) that they'll be taking over a popular Bristol venue this weekend as part of the Simple Things festival. Ooooooh! How Jammy. Also - the solid volume of their first 32 capers will be collected and sold somewhere at some point. 

This is happening and it's happening next FUCKING WEEK.
An idea from Jazz - I somewhat think the miniature drunken first idea sketch of this is better BUT OH WELL he got scaly tail! Would you get one? I probably wouldn't.
Here's a very sad drawing really. Not because it's balls - but because it was inspired by the death of Peter Wragg. He was a model-builder of NO ILL REPUTE who'd cut his teeth on Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the like and ended up designing visual effects for many BBC shows including Red Dwarf and was responsible for the designs and building of all the ships. Now, Red Dwarf and I have a somewhat bizarre history being that I was BATSHIT INSANE OBSESSED with it from quite a young age. Seriously, I dressed as Ace Rimmer when I was nine. Anyway - I adored Starbug and the Dwarf ship and I'd draw and model them out of plasticine all the time. Ah... the adventures I had.............. I'm looking forward to Series ten, I don't care what y'all say. Dwarfers gotta Dwarf.
Another death another hurried and badly-composed image. This is, of course, Levon Helm. He was the drummer of The Band. Y'know - and I'm not the biggest Band fan but his charisma was instantaneous. I saw The Last Waltz for the first time last year and I remember being struck by him - and it's terrible when someone that you want to find out more about suddenly cops it and you're left alone to discover them. It would've been something to see him live.
I like it, it's Greggy, it's Wallacey - it's got a transparent background. PNGs don't get tougher than this. Why exactly I drew this is known to a few of you but will remain a mystery for a time yet ;)
Here's an old one - drawn for Dirk Van Dom's Vanguard <-- he's got a new FB page up and if you haven't already go and like it. I love an anthology me ;)
Here's me with my EP cover design for the jazzfunkglorious band that be Manuka Root - go and stick them in your ears. They kick the living bum.
That speaks for itself, surely.
Here's a picture I coloured that was drawn by PJ Holden's three-year-old son wot has his own Tumblr blessim. You can see the remarkable young artist here and at this rate - he'll be THE KING OF ART by 2020! 
Right then - what's been going on in the world of WTF this fortnight? First off - we were represented the right-honourable David Frankum at the Maidstone convention recently:
 And next to him is Chris Denton - writer and chap behind Massacre for Boys which I've done some colouring for. Both o' them will be at Bristol next week - along with a great many other chaps. Looking forward to it immensely - although we've only got a scant few copies of Dr WTF left so gettem whilst ye can!
Also - as this teaser by Neil McClements shows - we've got ourselves an official e-mail now. If you have any queries or quentins or you want a copy - send us a KNEEMAIL!
Additionally our good contributor Mr Louis "The Carter" Carter has written a lovely mini promo blog on the subject. Glorious. Read it here.

On with the cons!


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