Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Long Colouring Summer


It's been a wee while since my last blog as I'm hyper busy in my spare time thanks to Steve Tanner's Time Bomb Comics and a lovely big ol' colouring project I'm beavering away on.

There's always time for a blog though - ! 

Here - a jamcomic done with the Bristol Comic Creators group - drawn by me, Adam Coburn, Aidan Barnard, Andrew Scaife, Mike Scrase and me again. Very silly - if you're a Bristolian (OR YOU ARE PASSING THROUGH) and fancy joining in there are details of the next event here: August 21st I believe. 

Secondly - here's me with a bunch of Professor Elemental comics - if you want one they're going for £5 a pop (not inc. p & p) and NOT ONLY that but if you're a Brighton-based individual there's a launch party happening on the 10th that me, the writer and my Geoffery shall be in attendance. Sketching? PROBABLY.

Thirdly, and most gloriously, I have a table at Thought Bubble. Not only am I chuffed to pieces but I'm CHUFFED TO PIECES. I'll be sharing it with m'Geoffery and Mr Chris Mole (writer of the Professor Elemental comic) and will have the LAST COPIES of Dr WTF 2012, some exclusive Jamella & Marmalad comics, the Professor Elemental comic and a few bits and glorious bobs. Also I will be in pieces. CHUFFED PIECES.

That'll do for now - I've missed out a lot of the last month's activity because I simply don't have the time - but you'll see the fruits of this Summer's colourlabour much later. Also - keep your eye on the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel FB page... as things are moving


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