Monday 1 October 2012

SAVAGE SEPTEMBER wasn't particularly savage. Quite damp, yes. But pleasant. Like a friendly turtle.

Here's me at the Bristol zine fair the other week enjoying the SHIT out of selling some comics. We're on the last few Dr WTFs (EVER) and we did quite well with the Professor Elemental comics. If you want either givvus a shout on drwtfcomic at It was a brilliant event and if you're local you could do much worse that supporting the folks behind it over at

Went to see the amazing Om at the Exchange which is a whole new venue down Old Market way. Pretty bloody spellbinding they were too - hypnotic. Glorious. The venue was warm though - lawdy mama it was warm. Some men were chatting away and I said "this place could use some air conditioning" and it turned out they were technicians for the place. They said it wasn't financially viable. I said THEY weren't financially viable. Then they left. MAKING ME THE VICTOR.

I love Dredd 3D. It's a beautiful film and the realisation of a thousand childhood dreams. Dredd's finally here and large as a git. He's shooting things and we love it. Not America though - it "tanked" as some say. But it's destined to be a cult hit and the reviews have been flawless. A solid action film, heavily steeped in a million glorious stories. ANYWAY - I've just started drawing random people as judges from Dredd. Not sure why. Requests welcome ;) You can see the full bunch on this 2000ad forum thread -,36966.0.html


Coloured a Grant Perkins Doctor image recently inked by Tom Schloendorn. For larks more than anything. Talking of colouring - the enormous summerpush on The Last Ride of Henry Holden is now over - and it'll be launching at Thought Bubble this November (alongside something of my own DETAILS INCOMING). Now there's none of that business, the webcomics have blearily wiped their eyes and re-emerged like incorrect anthromorphic characters into the daylight.

Flaubert, for example is back - full archive here
The Misery Wizard is also back. Hurrah! Full archive at the address on the whatnot. The picture.
Also. I killed Dante. It were gurt fun and is completely canon. For the very fun and worthwhile 2000ad art competition that's monthly and HAS PRIZES GIVEN to the winners - !


Yes that's me dead up there. Again.


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