Thursday 15 November 2012

Pre-Thought Bubble

This 'ere is the cover for AAIIEEE!!! - a small press horror anthology put together by Mr Davey Candlish featuring some amazing writers, brilliantarse artists and SUBSTANDARD letterers (well not all of them... subtext: I did some lettering, also that skelly on the front cover). Y'can get hold of it here:
This here is the winner of the 2000ad forum art competition. Mr Allister Mackrell - classy gent and McMahono'phile. Worthy prizewinner alongside Mr Matt Herbert who caught the editorial eye with an amazing sculpture this month and bagged himself a prize for THARG'S CHOICE!
The next one is in progress now - a great 2000ad continuum crossoverathon and we've already had some amazing entries already. If you're reading this and fancy a go, it's always a lark and there are AMAZING PRIZES TO BE WON,37381.0.html
Above are two more glorious ComicJams courtesy of the fairly attractive bunch known elusively as the Bristol Comic Creators. If you fancy joining in on such ludicrous nonsense and having a bit of a cider and a network then LAWKS A LORDY our next meeting is Tuesday 11th December RSVP if ye fancy coming along!
Still pursuing my wee Dreddhead project - not sure what the best medium to look at them all is - this thread is a good starting point there's a few in there now! The last one I did at the time of writing was the Godfather of Dredd - the man, the legend, the supersquirrel - Mr. Carlos Ezquerra. It was his birthday, y'see. To those who have requests pending, I assure you the list is longer than a stretched intestine and I'll get on to yours in good time. I've got a quadrillion things to do in the meantime!
WOSSIS? It's only my Thought Bubble stock for this weekend - !

Dr WTF 2012 - With only twenty or so hard copies left so Thought Bubble is your last chance to pick one up in person!
Professor Elemental Comic - We'll have loads of these, I'm sharing the stall with Chris Mole who wrote the whole thing and propositioned the Prof in the first place! He has his own stack and will doubtless also regale you with stories of the Yorkshire folk metal scene as he is also the guitarist of Northern Oak.
Jamella & Marmalad - The webcomic by Jasmine and myself MADE SOLID. We've got a whole ton of copies and bloody blimey but just below there is a JAMELLA & MARMALAD sculpture. Jasmine is also sharing the stall - so if you want sculpture tips or to question her pseudonym give her a yell!
Portfolios (Colouring & STANDARD ART) - Fully updated and ready to be painfully thrust in the faces of surprised folk. The latest edition to the colouring one includes some pages from The Last Ride of Henry Holden for Time Bomb that will be on sale for a marvellous £6 at table 67 in the New Dock Hall!
The Free Folder - Full of free stuff that you can just BOLD AS BRASS run up and TAKE. Ex-portfolio bits and that. FREEEE!
Flyers - A revamped one for my Next Thing The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel that'll submerge properly early next year - if you're interested in submitting come up and give us a hug. I mean a submission. A HUGMISSION. The other flyer advertises the glorious presence of the first Dr WTF on Comicsy you can buy it digitally RIGHT NOW for £2!!!! Here:
A5 Prints - Totally new idea - just a load of my images on HIGH QUALITY card that you can take home, roll up and eat with a filling of your choice. Sweet or savoury options available.

Here's where you'll find us stashed away - ! Hope to see you there -

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