Wednesday 20 March 2013

Post Demoncon


With talent. Sorry if that was misleading. Yes, we've had ANOTHER world-beating month and are due to go to the vote at midnight on Sunday 24th. Should be a tight vote - the picture above is the latest by Bob Molesworth a hugely talented gentleman - but it's only one of the many amazing entries we've had this month...,38075.0.html

Dredging up this old Wet Nuns picture because Geoffery and I went to see them in Bristol recently - a review was written up by the aforementioned Crescent and posted up on Kid Vinyl here -- > I really do love those chaps, I really do.
This is a cover I did for Sarah and Richard a jazztacular duo from Glastonbury way who I adore. Their page is here ---> and the full list of people featured is: a manic end of the world protestor, a pearly king, a dementor (Harry Potter), Brian Butterfield, Ray Winstone, Vision, The Fat Controller, a bad Nicholas Cage in a wig, John Prescott, Father Christmas, an astronaut, Picard having his bald bit chewed on by a tiny Klingon, Flaubert St Cloud (Goat), a Chickenman, Marmalad, Me and Geoffery, Marc Bolan, Judge Dredd, Nightcrawler, a chap, a pirate, Marvin the Paranoid Android, a creepy vampire thing, Gollum, a Clint Eastwood style character, a pipe smoking stove hat fellow, a monocled zombie, a mustachioed dungaree wearer, a happy man, the caterpillar from Labyrinth.
Then this happened.
...and this. Walter here, my entry for the art competition (and the sole exception in the wall-to-wall amazing entries this month) - it's Walter the War Wobot and his pile of skulls. Not sure where this came from, it just fell out of my head. ALL I KNEW, is that I wanted to draw Walter sitting. Then... then this. Oh the huge manatee.
THEN DEMONCON HAPPENED. We went orf to Kent, bolted down with the lovely David Frankum and sold stuff in Maidstone. It was a rather marvellous event, got me a copy of Porcelain by Benjamin Read & Christian Wildgoose. Had been desperate to do so since the free promo handed out at Thought Bubble last year. Truly beautiful looking book. Not sure who won the raffle prizes depicted above but Grinning Demon's heroic Graham Beadle who put the show together lost out by getting this weird Destro sketch from me:
Dude's got a metal head. Me, the Geoffery, the Sammy, the Frankum and the Boyles went for a drink at Ye Olde Thirsty Pig afterward. You have to see it, it was the most amazing building.
Wow. Also there's a video of the event where I refer to it as "Grinning Demon" rather than DemonCon and utterly fail to market my time travel comic:

Anyway before all that happened we had the Bristol Comic Creators March meeting - where such things were drawn:
The first by Jordan Collver, the second by me - the comic by everyone. An unabridged version of events can be found here and April's mind-bending expedition into the world of cider-fuelled drawing will happen on the NINTH. More Details here -
Finally - Crabcake had another bit. The whole caboodle is collected here ...


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