Tuesday 21 May 2013


This'll be an update that spans the last month as my last post was entirely devoted to Desertfest the effects of which are still letting themselves be felt 'pon me psyche. I'm now upwards of thirty percent riff. AND CLIMBING.

Here's me with the amazing Amala's Blade print I won - Michael Dialynas is an extraordinary artist and I'm looking forward to reading it enormously.

Like this portrait of a stag? Own a pet stag called Jeremy Bentham and want to commission a similarly glorious painting or drawing of it's likeness? Own any animal called Jeremy Bentham and want to commission a similarly glorious painting or drawing of it's likeness?! Well YOU AND JEREMY BENTHAM ARE IN LUCK because this was drawn by my friend Helen who does glorious animal-based commissions and ye can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/ArtByHelen (she will accept animals not called Jeremy Bentham although I can't imagine why)

Here was my stash from the Bristol Comic Expo - normally I do a dissection but I did a sort of ... prestash con write up beforehand which largely covers it over on the Psychedelic Journal blog. With the exception of finally purchasing Henry Flint's amazing Broadcast doodles book, being given Hard Vacuum by small press god David Broughton (a rare zine of his from '93) and the free comic book day edition of Endangered Weapon B by the amazing Bob Molesworth.

 Here's the last Dreddhead I did for the glorious Jasmine Woods - it's Michael Praed as flicky-hared faux-pagan eighties Robin Hood. Remember you can now seem them all in one place on Yahoo's Tumblr - http://dreddheads.tumblr.com/

This is a doodle that I did at the last Bristol Comic Creators meeting which was marvellous and rammed full of friendly folk - we also did a ton of collaborator comic things that were not in any way disturbing. The next meeting is June 11th and is likely to be a jolly affair --> https://www.facebook.com/events/149200088600020/

Finally I've decided to hack through my "to read" pile and actually start getting through it - these two are purchases from the Bristol Bear Pit Zine Fair which was in like, fucking September last year so you see how far behind I am!

The Day I Met a Fatty (Zine) Rebecca Bagley 

A colourful screen-printed meditation on modern culture. What we're fed and what's actually true. Bright and refreshing. A very glossy wee book.

Falling Away & To Share Is to Divide (Zines) Nick Soucek 

Falling Away is Soucekesque introspection at it's most boundless - stark and completive it leaves you with a feeling of deep melancholy. Whereas To Share Is to Divide is quite playful – a ramble through loneliness and the roaming thoughts of the single mind - both are brief but transformative zines. Highly recommended.

More next blog - !


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