Sunday 24 January 2010

Until Man Exists No More

...the laptop will prevail.
Or rather -

it fully won't. The thing bloody bust on me three weeks into it's existence which caused much aggravation and not a little cursing.
Fuckbaskets was one I recall. So here I sit on a borrowed computer wasting my precious days away from a life-sucking machine writing on another life-sucking machine. That sucks life. Life is in this colour - art is in this one.

Not much occurred in the last week - save for the monotonous WAITING and the pointless purchase of a number of items to aide my boredom that have
A - proved themselves to be useless
B - not arrived and have therefore yet to prove their uselessness
Used this time to consume early Star Trek films and come to the conclusion that the franchise is a bloated waste of time without DeForest Kelley or James Doohan. That's it.

Sigh. The reasons for my laptop break were probably numerous, although in the hypothetical world of the Obrain I suspect it was a violent reaction to my tortured production of Doctor Who fanart which my last blog of two weeks ago so sleazily hinted at. A tiny preview image can be seen below and the whole thing can be accessed BY CLICKING ON THIS VERY CAPITALIZED SENTENCE.

Right that's it for this one - quite short but next week will hopefully bring the joys of laptop and pre-term HORRORglory.

O - x

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