Sunday 3 January 2010

Bad Boys like the opposite of my life. Literally exactly the opposite. Isn't that weird?

So welcome to the first blog of the FUCKING YEAR and I don't know why but I've not been at all tempted to catalogue my greatest experiences of the last one. Things happened, some things didn't. That was about it really.

Given the hectic nonsense that was the last seven days I haven't produced A SINGLE SCRAP of art - so there's that. Although since before Christmas I've been working on a super secret project to give to my main man Robbo on his special day (of birth) - but it's super secret and infringes a number of quite horrendous copyrights so I don't think I could upload it anywhere. You'll basically just have to bump into me at force and demand to hear it.

Now - I don't want to turn this into an horrendous opinion rag so I shan't bitch on and on about the media which has clambered into my eyes over the last week (namely the regeneration of a certain alien menace and the invasion of a certain plant-like species) - although I will say this.

...I'm just saying I'm personally a little disappointed. Not pessimistic though. Never.

I saw the transition of the year take place through cider-fogged eyes and Prince-clogged ears at a 'space funk' evening in Glastonbury. The image below describes it better than my fragmented sentences ever could.

Wow. So - basically it happened. That happened.

There will be more STUFF next week. A contributing factor to the lack of art has been my lack of a bleedin' workin' scanner down in the South. I would doodle with the graphics tablet but I'm JUST NOT THAT GOOD YET. Jesus Christ leave me be.

There hasn't been nearly enough hyperlinks in this post. Although I get very sick of blogs that have themselves adding emphasis and a useless picture for every other fucking word. I will however link you to what I believe is the album of the decade. It's on Spotify so if you don't have Spotify you'll never KNOW WHAT IT IS. Isn't that fucked up?

Oh well. Right that's me done. Gonna go off and watch Generation Kill and fanny about. See you on the 10th for some pre-Sheffield returning Glastonbury MUSINGS.

O - x

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