Sunday 21 March 2010

You Are Your Enemy get over it and stop puncturing your own tyres -

Hello again - it's been a FULL-ON NERVESHREDDINGLY HORRENDOUS two weeks since last I updated - and the break has been a very fruitful one. It's all art so I won't bother with the colour-coding as life just isn't worth commenting on. Sorry - it's just not. All dull dissertation work and severe anxiety - about as interesting as Slash's guitarwork.

TALKING ABOUT overrated instrumentalists, why don't you indulge yourselves (if you haven't already) by investigated critically acclaimed new 15-minute album by Dan Shandy and the Shambling Dandies? They've been working hard at it all week and it certainly is a spiffing record - you can pick it up FREE by clicking on this sentence. It's free. I've heard tantalising rumours that they're planning a sequel WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR. Aren't we lucky pups?
Here is an image of what can only be described as a tribute to both Sword in the Stone (which is a good film, despite what my girlfriend would say) and like, those kind of storybook comics that you'd get in the forties that would always be a real PAIN to read. However, often I remember getting quite into them when I could be bothered to read, and they always seemed to be about time travel which is a bonus. The bigger picture is here - and it was part of a larger contest with FeralGargantua (naturally) which can be seen here.

What you see above is the third miraculous page of the first miraculous part of my on-going 'Crabcake' saga. I'm getting the fourth coloured as we speak and it should be good. I must do something with my hands, otherwise they'll be out the door and cutting down trees in minutes AND THEY PROVIDE OXYGEN DAMMIT. The full version (which has links to the first two pages) can be seen at this link right here.
Finally what you see is not a test - it's genuinely Dermot Mulligan of the revolutionary duo Mulligan & O'Hare as well as Det Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson temporarily relieved from association with ironic slapstick comedies. Oh no, there goes Tokyo. Go go David Soul. The full thing is visible here - and the amazing Ralf "dunwich7" Kahlert of Feralgargantua fame produced a stunning Hardy/Batman image that is BEYOND REPROACH

There - that's it. Over the course of the blog I've decided it'll be far more productive to do these blogs every other week - so I will see you on the 4th of April and you can catch up with my goings on between then on:

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