Sunday 4 April 2010


wouldn't you be? -

another fortnight another big ramp of shit that occurred. It's all good though. TERRIFYING AND GOOD.

I hope everyone has had a marvellous Eggday and received many eggs which you then MASTICATED AND DIGESTED. That's it - I'm done with that. Time for the bi-monthly update on art and all that other shite that's not proper work but is more important than proper work - and is therefore proper work. Confused? I wouldn't be. Although I am.

Before I launch into a picture-by-picture breakdown of my fortnight I want to A: Congratulate my dear friends the married Burleys on their marriage and the glorious party wot followed and B: Thank Mr Martin Collins for hanging around my ravaged self when alone last week. THANKS MARTIN COLLINS AND THE BURLEYS.

Oh additionally I did my first bit of audio drama in, like, forever last week which you can listen to over at Crazy Fox Machine on Myspace - it's all good and cheers to whomever listened to it 9 times ;)
Alright - what you can see above (and bigger here with full person list) is the most popular picture I've ever done. ELEVEN FAVOURITES?! I feel like someone who does Bleach fanart! Thank you to all the numerous progheads and friendfaces that took a shine to it. I mean - Robert Johnson and B.B. King have white streaks through their faces, Angus Young has a truncated hat and Dimebag Darrell looks like a white George Clinton (copyright R.J. Phillips 2010) but you like it, you really like it! So that's okay.

This is a picture of The Mekon who was Dan Dare's greatest foe - here we can see him hovering forlornly over the cruel malformed volcanoes of Venus which I was inspired to draw by Professor Brian Cox WHO IS THE MOST HANDSOMEST AND LOVELIEST MAN ON TELEVISION WHO ISN'T MICHAEL PALIN. Although in the next episode it was made clear that Venus' volcanoes had never been seen to have erupted. UNTIL NOW.

This was for Feral-Gargantua's monthly art thing themed around a three-panel wordless comics. I know they're not in panels but IT'S FUNNY ANYWAY. Right? Hundreds would disagree maybe - but I had fun drawing it and colouring it and surely that's the point. The enormous one is here.

All those popular men up there were drawn for this image which is portraying 'The Invention of Rock' via B.B. King's glowing guitar shining and getting in the eyes of the great and the good and the long-dead-by-the-time-B.B. King-used-it. It was for Bobbymono's enormous colab comic thing and I hope it sits well alongside artists who are clearly better than me. The full thing, as always, is here.
Finally yes - here it is, the fourth page of the first beautiful adventure of the Crabcake crew. There's one more to go before I do an annoying 'anthology' image of all five and then go on to claim that I'm a worthwhile artist. As you can see, in this page they've stepped out onto the planets surface and are generally dicking about. Those silly fools - the full thing (with links to pages 1 - 3) is here.

Thank you very much for reading when you're so busy nomming it down on various eggs - I'm sorry this wasn't exciting and cynical like the blogs so many others write but I'm choosing not to be a douchebag. It's a choice would you believe, even though so many people make it look natural.

I'll return on the 18th of April with more goings-on and potentially either NO MIND or a portion of a finished dissertation. Shotgun the former.

O - x

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