Monday 3 May 2010

Freedom Run

...but not yet, not yet.

'Allo - you're witnessing me cautiously optimistic at the beginning of a dissertation writin' frenzy (although obviously I'd be more optimistic if I were actually writing it rather than this blog). BUT I MUST ART - I SIMPLY MUST. The frantic workload recently has taught me this - no matter how busy things get there is always time for drawing - and there ALWAYS WILL BE.

So, as per the stories of this last fortnight will be told through the medium of my fairly average art -
That then, is a picture of Cosmic Ray - editor of the superlative (and dead) small press title Solar Wind, which I was priviliged to be part of in the past. Stories published were The Whistle of Alfie Smith - a disgracefully drawn one back in like... 2004 - and The Last Blokes in the final issue 'bout two years back. So I coloured this for Paul Scott, editor and kindly comissionman - an image that was originally in the front of that final issue as a 'reader's letter' type thing. Long live Solar Wind! The bigger one is here.
That is obviously a dalek. A lecture sketch gaudily coloured-up as a tribute to the new Doctor who I'm enjoying greatly (aside from the occasional companionspaz, THANKS AMY) All of the Day and All of the Night. The dalek episode wasn't particularly good but I love Mark Gatiss and Bill Paterson so that was enough for me. The big picture here.
This is MY HILARIOUS INTERPRETATION of the 'Day the Music Died' where three talented young rock 'n' roll troubadours were tragically killed in a plane crash. I thought, only naturally, that this should be immortalised through the medium of a toddler's toy. It was part of a Feral-Gargantua jam about 'dead celebrity action figures' and it's larger form (complete with a story about Space Goblins) can be found here.

- this is a piece of art I did to justify a Crabcake fanart request from the amazing Carl 'jimoakley666' Pearce. It is clearly the Toxic Avenger, I'm quite fond of it and you can see all the details at this location.

This is an APPALLINGLY ROUGH sketch of the first page of the second part of the Crabcake epic. I felt the need to scan it because, flailing with heavy workload as I am, I wanted to prove that the Crabcake fires were still burning. During lectures I constructed a full sketch for the next part and now all it needs is a bit of light FULL-ON COMPLETION. Which I'm greatly looking forward to doing.
Lastly I rejiggered THIS OLD IRON MAN PICTURE to fit in with a new Feral Gargantua jam on Iron Man - If you are an artist reading this who's on DevArt but not in Feral Gargantua give us a shout and join in - it's A RIGHT LARK.

That's it folks - I will be back after I've written an appalling dissertation and finished my degree - when that will be I do not know, but I'll not be back without some art to justify my absence - !

O - x

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