Sunday 18 April 2010


...will I be out of this quagmire of work and nonwork?

The answer is May 20th. Then who knows WHAT will go down. Chrome Hoof hopefully.

Anyway, still I've managed to squeeze out some artworks and things between the last post and this one - so I'll take you through them. ONE BY ONE. Afore I do though, I'll just mention that me and Jazz's radio shows are back on air - that be Owen in Rock and Soon I Will Be Invincible. So tune in Saturdays from three for various chunks of rock majesty from throughout the years!
That image there is to celebrate my purchase of Ghostpocket's outstanding GHST annual which unleashes possibly the greatest canon of comic characters since the big ones. You know the ones I mean - The Glass Menagerie. You won't be disappointed. You can see the larger version of this on my DeviantArt page (one of the only left that doesn't have a Lady Gaga reference on it).

I decided to resurrect this slightly-old Who image for Feral-Gargantua's eleventh doctor jam. It's re-emergence was greeted with the rapturous silence that it possibly deserves - it's a bit shitty anyway. I like the last panel - but the first four are really quite amateur. Plus it's marred with the terrible truth that this could never happened. GROW SOME BALLS MOFFAT. I do like the new Doctor though - he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

Oh hohoho - for the Feral Gargantua TMNT jam - and literally the last thing that came into my mind in terms of an idea. So I went for it - even though it makes no sense and the scanner didn't work and all that other beautiful shit. That turtle's dynamite!

Here it is - the final page of the first part of Crabcake - fairly spectacular and leaving them on quite an EPIC CLIFFHANGER. What will become of the audacious crew and their spectacularly cruddy vessel, the eponymous Crabcake? You'll have to wait til June to find out :O
Oh - and finally here's the whole bally thing - you can see the larger version here and bask in it's time-consuming glow. I hope it leaves you slavering for the next part - of which I can say nothing but ALL HAIL PRESIDENT GARY!

See you on *gulp* the Second of May where hopefully I've done

- loads of work
- at least two pictures (maybe, but it would be unwise)


O - x

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