Monday 12 July 2010

Black Ribbon

Alright there folkingtons?

OW BE YON (as we say in the westcountry) - it is all well and good - the archaeological job has kicked in and I achieved a 2:1 degree. Hooray for me. That was the easy bit - now comes the hard work. Actually sod it I'll just draw.

That lonely fellow is, of course, Wally. NOT FUCKING JURA. NOT FUCKING HOLGER. NOT FUCKING CHARLIE. NOT FUCKING HETTI. NOT FUCKING VALLI. NOT FUCKING EFFY. NOT FUCKING WILLY. NOT FUCKING HUGO. AND ESPECIALLY NOT FUCKING WALDO. You wonder why the poor bugger is here portrayed with such clear existential sorrow. The one and only thing a man has to staple himself to this orb, his name, and the boy has eleven of them. Actually that's probably a good thing. Cheer up you shit. Go here to see the bigger thing. All hail Martin Handford.
Dear dear dear Northern Oak - a grand auld folk metal band and a very very decent set of human beings. So much so I did this practically on a whim. The singer is here on blogspot and is a shit hot poet. Check out the larger thing over here. Go on. It's barktastic.

This is Mer-Man. He's a Victorian gent. I don't have a great deal more to say - only that I'm not happy with how it came out and everyone seems to think it's the gravy. The dog's gravy? I don't know that I agree and I worry that if what other people think is good is what I'm not convinced about then I AM ARTISTICALLY DOOMED. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

This was drawn by a very solid gentleman by the name of FUCKIN' JOE RICHARDS who is a metal gent and a scholar. I love colouring his stuff - and have done it

The larger (and sadder) Dan can be witnessed over in this direction. Just pray the adverts don't start chatting at you. Some people may find it delightfully Harry Potter - I just find it annoying. Especially as I'm TRYING TO LISTEN TO RUSH.
Now - now, this one was partly for Feral Gargantua and partly for the 2000ad boards but mostly because I have long drawn Dreddface and I wanted to crack at him again. Some people have been calling this drawing all sorts of beautiful things and I will carry their compliments (against the wishes of the Dalai Lama) to my grave - but I was very happy with it. It took me an hour to do - and the process seemed to me quite pure and straightforward. ARGH SPOTIFY ADVERT WHAT THE FUCK. Why does Teeside University need to advertise on Spotify?!

Shit that - I've lost my train of thought now. I'll be back on the 26th shoving more of my art down your gob and gabbling all the goss from graduation.

Tarra for now then - !

O - x

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