Sunday 5 June 2011

For the Greater Stewart of Lee

Good day!

Well no, it is rather a bruised and battered day for your scrumpy-loving author. It turns out balance is the first thing to go when full of cider - who knew? Anyhow - it's been a relatively active fortnight - the major thing being a journey up to London courtesy of the miraculous Jazz where we observed:

- a three-hour Stewart Lee live marathon
- a duck
- jars full of foetuses next to a gift shop
- real-life ACTUAL mods
- a talking plastic tree
- extreme coincidence

Anyway - on with the art!
"Peak Fighters" a thing I did for TAB describing the noble art of battlin' up the top of stuff. Entirely digital and with some sneaky sneaky textures in there TO EMPHASIZE STUFF. Moon was originally going to be yellow but I think I thought the weird peaks and the yellow moon looked a little too much like an image from Nightmare Before Christmas. So I redified it.
Drawn by the fantastic Lorenzo Fiorini and coloured by me. There's still a touch of the 'gaudy' about it (the colouring that is) and I'm really not happy about the hair. Sigh. I'm doing another for him shortly - here's hoping I can improve on the things I'm not 100 percent about. Colouring is fun.

Digital sketches done for the various buyers of the digital version of my cosmic anthology, Dr WTF. If you're interested in a PDFtacular roam through time and space give me a shout and some pounds (two) and I'll also do you a doodle of your choice. Sound good? TO ME IT SOUNDS AMAZING.
Finally something done for Laurelio and the Sheffield anarchists. Neat. Although not my idea. Nor are the book covers my own. AND I DIDN'T CONSTRUCT THAT FONT. I'm a fraud!

Next fortnight you'll probably finding me moving to Bristol and preparing for (or coming back from) Glastonbury festival. Glorious.

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