Sunday 3 July 2011

Anne Neggen

Well...that was a long gap.

That's June for you; filthy filthy month with all it's doings. Grim I call it - TIME FOR A ROUND-UP
Norts vs Southers for TAB - a bit of a sketch really. Although I've never drawn either before, whey!
Drawn by Lorenzo Fiorini and coloured by me - which has been done before. I do enjoy colouring other people's stuff!
Challenged by the superlative Emperor after a request for sketch ideas on Tumblr went awry and it became apparent that I'd invited requests for nude hobos. Dirty Frank is from "Low Life" which is currently drawn by my favourite artist in the history of the world.
This is another clutch of digital doodles for digital purchasers of Dr WTF?! The image in the centre is "Stringer Bell at the Earth's Core" an idea that still causes me vast happiness by Ben Clark. You can still buy digitals or reserve physicals but there's no more appropriate method than contacting me personally at this point. SORRY. Also there's big news regarding my haphazard anthology - see below!
Remastered version of an old image that I'm quite fond of for TAB. But it does raise a VERY IMPORTANT question. Did the Red Baron travel in time?

No. It's not likely.
Pete Townshend. Who's songwriting skill, energy and vast capacity for pretentiousness is unsurpassed.
Batman floating in Nega Space. Another shameless rehashing of a years-old image that I've always liked. He looks fucking ridiculous. Silly Batman.

Here's a bit of a thing - image for Weston Super-Mare based alternative studios "Kewsound" ran by Jack, what a nice chap. The image was my thought and (again - god I've got no imagination) is based on a much older idea.
Finally here's a bit of a GROVELLING TRIBUTE to my fellow small-presser and bit-of-a-legend Nich Angell - it was a drunken idea and the joke was meant to be much funnier. It just didn't come out that way LOL. You can find Cat & Meringue over here.


Just a few words on this year's festival - which was possibly the most exhausting experience of my miniature life. I went in with no plans and got what I deserved. Knackered. Although it was my lady Jazz's first visit and I'd hope that she enjoyed it. Even though a lot of it was staring at a crumpled fat person sweltering in the heat. There was also a hell of a lot of japery including (and not limited to)

- A jolly tree pirate
- Witnessing the legendary BB King, Duane Eddy & Angelos Epithemiou.
I still actually have to decipher many anecdotes and experiences from a web of tired hallucinations and fevered dreams that I had whilst on site. So stay tuned for more.

Remastered Crabcake

Oh yes I've remastered all parts of Crabcake. Which basically involved making sure everything was the same size and the lettering was at least vaguely correct, and MAJORLY REWRITING sections so that it made more sense and doesn't sound so bloody stupid. This is all gearing up to attempting to flog it for tuppence at Birmingham/Leeds. See them (receiving a rapturous reception) here

Dr WTF Submissions
Yes it's that time again - Submissions are open for Dr WTF! Get your thinking caps on, send me some stuff - !

- - Guidelines - -
"It must be about Doctor Who.

But not as you know it. A one-off adventure for an alternate Doctor - no canon, no arcs, no melodrama, no familiar faces - as surreal and as a curious as you can make it. Returning writers must come up with a new Doctor - NO ARCS I SAY!

Writers: One to five pagers - with a summary included. Deadline ISN'T the first of September but that IS when I'll be sending stuff off to artists, so aim for that. I shouldn't imagine I'll be taking stuff beyond October.

Artists: Register your interest with me, I'll send you scripts that suit you. Or I won't, I might just LAUGH AT YOU AHAHAHAHAHAHA*

*this isn't likely.

If you want to work with someone in particular then run it past me first, I'm not reluctant to put people in the same teams they were last issue but I must stress we won't be going with the same Doctors. "

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