Saturday 1 September 2012

Late August


Right. Few tiny things - still wading in a swampy gloop of muddy colouring so my art output has been extremely limited - but my crikey things are still going on in a sort of wonderful way

BLAM - August

The Bristol Comic Creators group had our sixth (!) meeting - and it were glorious. The above sketches were done by the incredibly talented Andrew Scaife ( betwixt G&Ts and we had a great night of comic creation -- >
- the next event is on September 11th and rest assured it is pretty much always at least forty percent brilliant.

2000ad's National Signing Event
Not sure why but I got the absurdly talented Dylan Teague and Patrick Goddard to both draw Karl Urban as Dredd at the signing event in Bristol. The fan screening of the film occurred in London this week and I've found myself inundated with positivity about the new Dredd film with wossisname Karl Urban. Recently Alex Garland, writer of the film, had answered questions on the 2000ad forum and it literally melted every single drab of negativity I'd ever had (NOT JUST ABOUT THE FILM BUT ABOUT LIFE IN GENERAL) - I think, with Dredd 3D, a fan barrier has been crossed. A fan wrote it, the fans love it, the fans accept it. I feel incredibly privileged to be a "FRIEND OF THARG" (not slang for anything) in 2012 - and I can't wait to see that bastard film.
It was glorious meeting the two of them - Mr Teague even had a look over my colouring portfolio and  was terribly lovely - I still have a ballbag full of stuff to learn but I bloody love it. Mr Goddard had with him the entire next part of Savage which has some killer double-pagers in it and a couple of pages of Pat Mills script which was enlightening. As in (AND TAKE NOTE SMALL-PRESSERS) he was incredibly minimalistic just "character shoots at this" "Panel 5: John looks peturbed Panel 6: There is an explosion". No huge descriptions - just story. He be Pat Mills.

Neil Innes
Quite lovely.

One of the odder things to happen this fortnight was that I went to see Baroness at the Fleece in Bristol. I enjoyed their set and captured a photo of their singer/guitarist/AMAZING COVER ARTIST Mr John Baizley with the intent to draw it up. You know, for unnecessary fan art purposes.

Then the next day their tour bus crashed in Bath. The band, three crew and the driver were all injured and taken to nearby hospitals. All are doing groovy - but Baroness' tour has been taken off-the-rails for obvious reasons. Weird anyway - so I sped up the fan art and it looks awful. I just hope the band (who be brilliant) aren't turned off the South-West by their experiences and come back to us again soon!

Transmissions from the Colour Swamp
More teasers from the enormo colour job - shared by the letterer Nikki Foxrobot (no relation) - this will be on sale at Thought Bubble, I've been told. If you're going, give me a shout and I'll give you a turkey. 

Bristol Doodles
Some drunken Bristol drawings done with BLAM members - all ties in with - if you're a local artist IT'S WORTH DOING.

The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel
The first two images from next year's Psychedelic Journal have been UNLEASHED. Oscar Maltby &  David Broughton's Time Templars and Chris Mole & Neil McClements' Whiskey & Wormholes. Bloody smashing!


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