Sunday 16 September 2012

The Infinite Return of Crabcake

I seem to be welcoming back Crabcake every half a year for it to linger for a page or two and then it's buried again - by other commitments and whatnot that I've agreed to do for this and that. It's terribly hard to justify the time spent on projects that rely PURELY on your own effort. There's no co-writer looking over your shoulder, no editor perched awkwardly on your desk, no one but your own shoddy self and your own awful brain. Gnawing away. 

This is one very final and very solid CRABCAKE IS BACK FOR GOOD style blogpost. The latest episode of should be up as we speak on Crazy Fox Machine on Facebook. Or just go to the bottom of the page and have a gander!

Unfortunately I don't have the original sketchbook with doodles (it's not lost, I just don't know where it is) but above is the first teaser I produced back in 2010. I was at uni then and had more spare time than you currently have kittens strapped to your face. At that point I found myself in a bit of a comics drought and basically had nothing to draw apart from posters and the like. Looking for something to practice drawing comics with and idly watching a particularly melodramatic episode of Star Trek I mused over an alternate reality where Brian Blessed was a starship captain. And how good that'd fucking be. Because it would be. 
Crabcake came from a few different sources, the ship itself is a bastardized version of a spaceship Rob Phillips designed for a sci-fi sitcom we wrote together when we were nine. It was literally just Red Dwarf. The ship was called "Bugz II". Which speaks volumes. Waned comes from the drawing you can see above which is from 2003 (!!). It's here that I think I fell out of my tree a little - and Crabcake ceased being a knockabout space thing. Instead, I decided that it would be an enormous piece of continuity cake (which is my favourite thing).
When you type "continuity cake" into Google Image search you literally get this drawing I did first. 
 The Oniverse doesn't exist. But it encapsulates every single thing I've ever drawn or written. It's a contradictory place with much MUCH time travel. For example - the Volian Supercones that capture the crew of the Crabcake and made dear old Gary their president appeared first in this:

A story called "Hunt" that I drew as a test for Dave Evans of Futurequake back in ... 2005 or thereabouts. There are also a few nods within stories like - 
The appearance of popular band Dan Shandy and The Shambling Dandies as Volian Supercones. 

There are also a fair few FORESHADOWS hidden about the place. Some have already come to pass, many haven't. So - catch up first here and with that in mind - it's Page 4 of Part 4 - - 

AH. So future Phallushammr regrets not killing Waned. But why? and exactly WHY was future Phallushammr dallying about in Gastleas' past? 




REVEALED. I imagine. Also - the truth about it all lies hidden deep within the continuity cake

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