Saturday 15 December 2012

December Doings

Shivery salutations!

It be a cold December and MANY THINGS have occurred in this last freezing fortnight -

The 2000ad Forum Art Competition ended the other day, and the winner was the above AMAZING drawing by the incredible Allister Mackrell. The picture is just a scratch on the surface of what amounted to an amazing competition though - and the other finalists can be seen here:,37573.0.html. We start up again in January but until then, the most creative and enthusiastic forum on the net has more treats in the form of the Advent Calender which is here - and amazing!
Jamella & Marmalad is now on Comicsy! It's an interesting format and by JOVE it's a fine read - if you fancy buying a copy saunter over this way: - Also on Comicsy is The Last Ride of Henry Holden - a Western one-shot that I coloured for Time Bomb comics this past summer - - so if you're in a comic-buying mood I'd be muchly chuffed if you checked them out!

Above is my uncut interview with The Geek Show from Thought Bubble. Quite rambly and not as informative as I'd intended it to be, but there it is. Cheers to the chaps for all the kind words and fine effort that went into putting together the show, I'll definitely be listening again!

Here's an illustration teasing the next Elemental comic which is drawn by the amazing Jennie Gyllblad - in Prof comic news there's a brilliant new FB group set up by Elemental writer-king and originator of the project Chris Mole - keep your eye on that for comings and goings with the upcoming second issue! Also the first issue got a fantastic review from the SFX blog!!!
8th January is the date of the next Bristol Comic Creators meeting - if you're local or not, and want to chinwag about creating comics, doodle, have a little cider, RSVP over at the FB event here - or just show up!
The Twentieth page of the goatsaga known as Flaubert St Cloud. At this rate we'll be done in time for Christmas (2020)! Written, as always by the amazing Geoffery Crescent and fully chronicled here <-- p="p">
Here's an oddity: Spock singing Leonard Nimoy's hit "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" to the new Bilbo. Why not? The idea is by Jazz - who also wrote this incredibly brilliant and incisive review of the new Hobbit film here:
Here's a pissed-off looking festive Tharg for the 2000ad forum's amazingly vibrant Advent Calender.  You may have noticed that he's sporting the same Dreddbody thing that I've been doing for a while. Lazy? NOT A BIT OF IT.
and finally to celebrate the last month of production for the first volume of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel here is a teaser for a story that'll be appearing in the digital version - "The Journey" by the brilliant Stephen Prestwood. Who is brilliant.

Have a blimmin' good few weeks orf work, whatever you're celebrating and let's hope against hope that I finally get that GIANT BADGER I've always wanted. 

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