Monday 31 December 2012

Festive Fustications


It's been a damp, damp, damp, damp festive fortnight. Stuff happened though - STUFF ALWAYS HAPPENS. There's stuff happening right now at this very second in time!

Here is a really amazing bit of fan art for Geoffery and I's Flaubert St Cloud by the glorious Ghostpockets. It'll be back, rest assured, large as life and sweary as ever in the new year!

This is the poster for the fourth Demoncon in Kent - I've just been announced as a guest at Demoncon 5 in March - !!!  (event here ) It should be a massive, massive lark. Can't wait!
This is the dean. Community is coming back (probably) in February and I cannot wait. Unless NBC decide to postpone it until SPACE COLLAPSES. Which is a POSSIBILITY.
Here's a bit of artwork (!) I did for GCSE art just over a decade ago - it's Mega-City One and it's not very good. The Cursed Earth was all pastels, and the city all pencils. What a concept. No wonder I didn't pass it ;)
This is a one-pager for the next issue of Bear Pit - a Bristol 'zine that'll be out in the new year (details here: - written by Geoffery Crescent and drawn by me.
Here be a Santa-themed Dreddhead for Christmas. I wanted to put this up first thing on Christmas morning but the day got carried away with me - ! Hope everyone had a good 'un and that this helmetbeard chap didn't smash his way into your house and shoot everyone. Stomm.
Here's some people cameoing in my story for the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel - now finished! phew. 
Blinkin' blimey - this is a sneak preview of super-star mega-awesome artist Neil Ford's contribution to the Journal - the roughs alone are spellbinding. Oh I've got the gloryshudders.
A proper teaser here for Jamie Lambert & Chris Askham's Source of Infection. It's only a few months until the launch of issue 1 and there are going to be many teasers between now and then. See them on the Facebook page here: and our new Twitter here:

Happy new years!

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