Saturday 19 January 2013


It's that time of year again!

...the start of it, I mean.

This. This is one entry for this month's 2000ad forum art competition. I'm not going to say anything too hyperbolic but IT'S THE BEST ONE THERE'S EVER BEEN. This entry, by Jon Taylor, is just one example of how completely ridiculously brilliant it's gotten - pop over to the forum and take a peek - MAYBE EVEN ENTER!,37666.0.html Entries close 27th January and there are AMAZING PRIZES to be won.
Here's the sixth ever Misery Wizard in all it's cynical glory - written by the astounding Rob Phillips and TIRELESSLY illustrated by the adequate O. You may have noticed that it's gone Grayscale. Why? Why not! Now go and feed the dog. All of Misery Wizard is available on Facebook here:
This went a bit batshit mental in the last fortnight. I regularly draw movie Dredd judges for various folk (you can see most of them on the forum) - and this one, Brian Blessed was shared by his page on FB. As it stands it has around 1,100 likes. Which is fucking crazy. You might ask "what was the upshot of this, Owen - Thousands of people liking your artwork?" and I'll say this and only this: Buggery sausage-all. Onwards!
This is the last mention here of The Journal as it now has it's own dedicated blogspot here: - so for updates, teasers and the like that's the blog to be watching. We've got one entry up already - a significantly brilliant submission tips thing by the assistant editor. Which is amazingly invaluable! Go take a bloomin' peek.
That there is Excelsior comics in Bristol - and as of this month there are some issues of Professor Elemental and Jamella & Marmalad in there. If you're local go and have a gander - support your independent merchants and your O!
Here's one of the jam comics that the Bristol Comic Creators come out with when we meet - it's always a lark and our next meeting is on the 12th February - FB event here: RSVP if you can make it - !
I've done me a bloody picture of Aladdin for the Weekly Themed Art Blog. I've never drawn an original Aladdin before, and I MAY NEVER AGAIN. So. Lesson learned.
Finally revealed on FB - but this is a thing I've been lettering for months - it's a comic continuation of the original Death Race due out from Bluewater Productions this summer. Written by Mel Smith & Paul H. Birch - layouts were by the phenomenal Gary Crutchley - pencilled by Manuel Martinez inked by Mats Engesten, coloured by Antonio Cesar Argolo and lettered by me. This may be the last thing I ever letter so witness the car crash (pun intended) that is my lettering while you can!
And finally - my laptop died HORRIFICALLY this fortnight and I'm using the madam's knackered old one. This was a wee test to see if I could still adequately draw on it... the conclusion? No. But then I never could anyway ;)


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