Tuesday 3 September 2013

Late August

Well it's been a very hectic fortnight - jobhunting, conventioneering and generally buzzing like some manner of busy bee. Here are some recent things -

This gentleman is a bastard. Pure and simple - for encouraging a growing violent anti-LGBT movement in Russia by enforcing nonsensical hate laws. Boycott the winter Olympics, the companies that sponsor it and encourage our unelected Dave when he's not warmongering to actually ask Vladimir what the fuck he thinks he's doing. *breathe* Pride and peace.


So my Dreddheads have been getting a bizarre amount of press recently. Most alarmingly from Comic Book Resources of all things! Whilst I was at Melksham someone saw a Dreddhead on my table and accused me of plagiarising myself which is a first... The one above is of course LeBrock from Bryan Talbot's amazing Grandville series. I've heard the magnificent Mr Talbot himself liked it, even so that's my decade made. Remember if you like them to support the petition for another Dredd film and keep yer eyes out for a continuation of the film in the Judge Dredd Megazine this month.

Here's the latest and last page of the fifth part of Crabcake. You can catch up with the whole long saga here - now we're going to get deep into the continuity waltz and I'm going to wrap up the series by weaving it into a short story I wrote a decade ago. Why? Because why the balls not. 

Here's another off my to-read list which is only getting bigger and bigger thanks to glorious cons like Melksham (keep an eye on the Psychedelic Journal blog for stash dissection and coverage). Nearly at the end of last year's Thought Bubble hoard - and it's nearly time for Thought Bubble again :O 

Thorgal 1 - Child of the Stars (Cinebook Ltd) Rosinski/Van Hamme
Engrossing collection of short strips revolving around the youth of Thorgal - borrows heavily from mythology and reads much like a great historical fiction itself. Beautifully drawn - another gem from Cinebooks - a company whose back catalogue alone I could spend forever in.


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