Monday 7 October 2013

Summarizing September

Above are a yearworth of Dreddheads - A lot of good requests and I've still got mountains more to do! I've done a bit of a redesign on the basic look and the second year of it is going to have more detail and the size of the heads is going to be far more consistent. Hurrah. 
New template for year 2 - slightly more detailed :S

Here's the new template with the first of Year 2's lot - Arnie. Next up - a redesigned Brit-Cit uniform and the first ever Sino-Cit judge - ! Remember all the doings go on most visibly on the Dreddhead tumblr.

Here's the latest page of Geoffery Crescent and I's Flaubert St Cloud (Goat) saga - now on it's twenty-fifth page. I hope that while the journey is slow moving it's also worthwhile. It has an end, there is a plan and more bizarre and unsettling characters litter the purgatory trail ahead... You can read all of it up to now here.

Announced recently at New Haven Comics - this manga webcomic I've been colouring called Smitten is coming very soon. Co-written and pencilled by Sergio Apodaca - co-written by New Haven honcho Aaron Walther - inked by Jesus Salas and coloured by me. There's some Kaiju there's battle suits and explosions and it's been very fun to colour - !

Above is "Flight of the Ostrich" written by Geoffery Crescent and featured in the sixth issue of the Bear Pit Zine - a local Bristol comix featuring the great and good (not including myself) of the local area. You can find out more and buy copies online here -

The last weekend gone was the Bear Pit Zine Fair in the centre of Bristol and Geoffery and I went along to peddle our wares - the above photograph was taken by Ruth Garner at the very beginning of the show when we were fresh-faced and happy. I'll write more about it who else was there and other matters over on the Psychedelic Journal blog shortly. But first... some comic reviews and *ahem* yes they're both still from my Thought Bubble haul nearly a year ago!

Western (Cinebook Ltd) Rosinski/Van Hamme
Dark and melancholic self-contained western tale beautifully drawn by Grzegorz Rosinski and written by Jean Van Hamme - the duo behind Thorgal. Interspersed by stunningly beautiful paintings by the artist.

Who on Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? (Accent UK) Various
Compiled and edited by Owen Michael Johnson this is an absurdly entertaining and darkly engrossing Victoriana anthology of interconnected tales. Each separate encounter with the titular character is told by a different artist/writer team and they vary from dashing adventure to dark melancholy. Each artist's style is unique but it hangs together very consistently due in no small part to the solidly brilliant lettering of Jim Campbell, the incredibly intricate editing of Owen Michael Johnson and the in-between tales reappearance of the sparse and beautiful art of Conor Boyle. For fans of gothic Victoriana and intelligently laid-out themed anthologies. A unique and unforgettable volume.

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