Sunday 4 October 2009


The sun is burning my face
My insides running a race
I need somebody with soul

Yarg. My third blog. Sweet - as is the RULE; life is in THIS COLOUR and art is in THIS ONE. Pretty sweet, eh? What times we live in.

First week of lectures were LITERALLY RIDICULOUS. Dumped upon our precious heads were tons and tons of narky and 'orrible demands. Promptly I lied to my dissertation supervisor about the work I'd done and the whole of my week's work was underpinned by a deep weight of lies. LYING LIES. Lies are filthy. Anyhow - punctuating this tide of UNFORGIVABLE DISHONESTY I made several purchases that made me much happier; one was these fine graphic novels and the other was a ticket to see a certain Mr VIC REEVES LIVE promoting his new book. All of the previous entries vague and mysterious melodrama has dried up and left things rather dull. So I sit and wait. Oh...and do some fucking work. I should do some work.

Two personae responsible for brightening up my week - Mr Reeves (as always) and the astonishingly fucking brilliant artwork of D'israeli aka Matt Brooker.

Right - in terms of art I've finally gone in yesterday to print of Mr Chris Mole's astonishing Ice Age plot with hopes to dood
le on it thoughtfully throughout the week. Also I've been sketching quite feverishly depending on the proximity of my drawin' book to my lecture notes - and often just on the lecture notes, although most of them are on lined paper and so look quite unappealing scanned in. There are some below. Yikes.
I went in at the end of th
e week and applied for the re-freshin' of my radio show - if all goes well it'll be back hopefully on the weekend, with the same name and same DEDICATION TO THE DECADES - albeit now injected with a fistful of my obsessive systems. Joy. Again, me and Mr Adam Progman are doing a sort of 'proto-schedule' show with lots of diverse and beautiful nonsense. Find that on Forge Radio tomorrow at six-thirty to eight. Nice... ...REALLY nice.

Thar she blows. Done for this week - thanks for reading if you did - not sure what to say to those that didn't. Just know that I'm hurt beyond recognition.
See you on the 11th.

Art be here
Audio be here

O - x