Sunday 25 October 2009

So Tired

Right - on with the blog. Although writing even the shortest sentence has now become an extreme ordeal following many straight hours of essay-writing. Grammar Check. Grammar is fine. Sigh. ...although that was a whole mess of fragmentary sentences right there. As USUAL life is in this colour and art is in this one. Divided - like the hearts and minds of our generation. Hyperlinks are usually hidden about this place in different colours. I'm sure that was one. Although I wouldn't click it if I were you.

So. Life. As I had previously implied, I've fallen into an essayhole so deep you couldn't find the sides with an ol' time pokin' stick. And shit me my pokin' stick is nigh on six yards long. These troublesome essays have doomed me to a week inside away from society and I have been branded a worrisome communist by terrifyingly serious neo-nazis. Finally finished my first piece of work last night at almost the exact time I found out it's marker, Dr Dawn Hadley, is a fan of Reeves & Mortimer. Was very tempted to write some quotes at the end - although I know that this isn't that kind of world - and in the thirteen years since her profession of Reeveslove she's probably grown disenfranchised with the beast. I could slip the Catterick DVD into the report...

Is the divide too great between Hadley and Vic & Bob? Potentially.

CHRIST! I did so very little art this week, but before the essayhole fully consumed me I managed to hurl a small piece out. You can see it below - and I'm rather happy with it. Although you may be asking the same question as I do everytime I see it... "Prawns or scorpions?" You decide. Heartbreaking really. Third radio show of the term with guest fellow Mr Chris Nolan-Rennie Esq (who also produced a trophy with little-to-no prawn/scorpion confusion). The show has since been lost in the fabric of time and so those who missed it TRULY MISSED OUT. But you can still go and gander at the setlist and dream of what it must've sounded like. Also I vaguely adapted my VISUAL SCREENPLAY 'Nothingman' into more of an AUDIO PLAY which is bizarrely titled 'To Be Loved' for reasons that I'm not quite sure about. Here be an extract - -

Flint: Oh that days like these are mine to witness - ! How quickly the owl of love is frozen, quivering so near to the motorway of lust. I saw it didn’t I? A glimmer in her eye – a desire for Flint?! OH SWEET FLINT – How wouldst thou stand in a court of friends, surrounded by a jury of just Foster? An eagle eye penetrating the intentions of my heart –

Scott is suddenly there

Scott: Who are you talking to?


Scott: I –

Flint: I instructed you to fetch forth a bison, now BRING IT lest I RENT YE ASUNDER

Scott: Blimey no! – I’ll fetch it for you o’Flint

He scarpers

Flint: Aye, that he had. For the bison will be the zenith of my scheme to capture the heart of Retok Armbaland.

Dramatic organ chord. Fade out.

Shit yes. Oh the font is black now. I suppose it's the end of the blog this week. Shame. Before I go - gander at yon trophy...

...prawns or scorpions... Oh. Sorry - right - see you on the THRILLING FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER.

Art Be Here
Audio Be Here
Radio (Normally) Be here

O - x

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