Sunday 18 October 2009

Present Tense

You can spend your time alone
Redigesting past regrets, Oh
Or you can, come to terms and realize
You're the only one who cannot forgive yourself, Oh
Makes much more sense to live in the present tense

The fifth weekly blog kicks off in gloriously melodramatic form. Thanks to AMAZING OLD ALEX for mentioning me in his most recent post (BY THE WAY - UNDERLINED IS HYPERLINKS - CLICK THE BUGGERS AND THEY'LL WHISK YOU TO BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLDS). So, to reiterate for the brain-dead and liver-alive; LIFE is the colour of BLOOD and ART is the colour of FIELDS.

The second constructed wall-planner is a lot neater, but still acts as a cruel cardboard mausoleum to all the work I should've done. Still not panicking though - which has got to be a good thing. Sunday night was Vic Reeves, who was entertaining and I purchased his book - which is HILARIOUS. Better than your Mock the Week patrons who've been floating around the city dully these past few days spewing tired ironies at guffawing morons. Reeves himself was a glittering baron of the bizarre, his book full of art and glory (my particular favourite is the page on houseflies, who converse with the devil). A highlight was Reeves leaning over to the interviewer and enigmatically announcing "...the moon, my friend, is evil" before detailing his plans to stab it down. After that me and my merrie fellowes marched home via Northern Oak who were on top form despite the attempts of West Street Live to level them into nothing. You cannot silence folk, my friends. The other thing I did this week was SUDDENLY deciding to go out and see UP in 3D which was interesting but certainly not up to the superior quality of say... BRAD BIRD'S glorious bloody films. The first ten minutes were extremely well done as many of the weeping glass-adorned sods that filled the cinema will attest. Interesting to see a 3D kids film tackling... miscarriage. Yikes.

"It gets no better than this..."(the first ten minutes of Up)

This week my art has been side-lined into the vague design of a trophy, the inevitable lecture sketchings and the colouring of other people's lines (see below). The second Owen in Rock with special guest Adam "Progman" Page went quite well despite the studio intrusion of space rats. It had to happen I suppose. Listen again is UP finally and can be heard AT THIS LOCATION. Next week will be the sixties, which I'm finding difficult to fill up with long songs and things that will actually work. As is the challenge that faces ALL DJs ALL OF THE TIME.

The Ice-man of Reykjavik was drawn by Mr Christopher Nolan Rennie and the Sycophant by Senor Joe Richards.

Well that's it. I hope you're pleased (OR DISAPPOINTED) that I avoided the melodrama I so easily could've inserted between every line. I wrote rather a lengthy and pretentious poem last night that I was tempted to insert here - but no, I thought it would DRIVE YOU INSANE. Do I get any thanks for sparing you?! NO. Never. Bastards. Now to clean the bloody house and do some bloody work and continue sitting bloody down. See you on the 25th for some pre-deadline japery.

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O - x

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