Sunday 6 December 2009


...would be the name of my horse - had I a horse or the desire or resources to own a horse. I don't want a horse. Welcome to the OH SHIT I'VE GOT A THOUSAND WORDS OF ESSAY STILL TO WRITE WHY AM I WRITING A FUCKING BLOG blog. It's gonna be fun this week. Now remember children, this colour represents life - and this represents art. Yes, they were two colours all along. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, stop it.

This week my life has been a beautifully hectic thing - like a flower beautifully opening in A FUCKING ION STORM *looks up ion storm* There's not flowers in space! This blog is whack. Anyway, it began last week with me doing bugger-all and then suddenly gig happened. Gig in question was The Answer and was very enjoyable - I'll put a picture below.

It was like that - but in Corporation. Lots of boogietacular grooveantics - the support bands were alternatingly cute and fucking terrible. Further things happened this week such as the final death of my much-abused laptop and it's subsequent replacement by a much shinier machine. The rest of the week was spent (and still is) frantically alternating between essay work and getting to know my new (and fairly fabulous) girlfriend Jazz. Who is fabulously fair. That's her below. Jealous? You know it.

Tis a bigger beard than I can grow. Oh shit, the writing's gone green. Must mean it's time for some creative gossip - because thankfully I'm being equally creative as I am anything else. Oh bollocks, I actually haven't. Well I drew a Bearghandi and something super secret but my scanner is broke so you'll just have to IMAGINE IT. For archival purposes though, check out the ONLY Lord of the Rings fan art I've ever below. It's bloody enormous you'll have to click on it to see it proper -

The reason for this is that this blog editor is only the fritz and I can't seem to alter the sizes of the pictures - but that's fine because I sensed you wanted that all up in your face today. The only other vaguely creative thing I did this week was a radio show THAT COUNTS - and it was guested by the aforementioned Beardy Jazz - as I will be guesting on her show Soon I Will Be Invincible tonight at six. What larks. Oh - and if you're in the mood for another show after that - this weeks Heal You Hangover with Liberty Nears and Adam 'Progman' Page was particularly bloody good - AN HOUR AND A HALF OF PROG?! Yes please.

Right - I'm off. To essay perchance to dream. I will see you on the thrifty thirteenth for an update on a week that will hopefully see me hand in this fucking shit and get on with my life. TOODLES - !

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