Sunday 29 November 2009

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

...I put the kettle on and let it. Sometimes you just have to face these problems alone.

Welcome to the eleventh weekly Oblog - now slightly more lavender. Isn't it exciting? I would've picked a darker more MANLY purple but it made the green that represents art look JARRINGLY horrible, like it was diving out of the monitor to decimate you to bits. The red that represents life was unaffected by all but one PARTICULARLY MANLY shade of purple - so that was avoided as well. Sad really.

A week that I was meant to be KNUCKLING DOWN and doing some bloody work (as usual) left me sitting, just sitting, and doing nowt. Except I didn't even bother doing that and went out on a few adventures. One particular adventure saw me sitting nearby this adonis of joy -
...and all was well. It was another charity gig for a local farm trust thing and Mr P told some anecdotes and read some bits of out some books and everyone was CHARMED TO DEATH by how bloody lovely he is. A particular highlight of the evening was when a raffle result was announced (the winner had the opportunity to meet Palin after the show) and a woman in the front row launched herself at the stage screeching with wonder. It was quickly reiterated that not only was there a number, but there was a COLOUR too. The woman went deathly quiet, and all the while that she was making a living fiasco of herself - an elderly gentleman had been walking toward the stage with his ticket aloft. Mr P protested that she should at least get a consolation prize for her enthusiasm. The other elderly gentlemen of undeniable charm and humour I saw this week was this fellow -
- who, and I don't want to oversell this, LITERALLY KICKED THE LIVING ARSE. Having never seen a Coop show I'd expected it to be fairly theatrical - but NOTHING could prepare me for just how amazing it was. The lass who went to see it with me had already witnessed the Coop on three separate occasions previously and she was bowled over by the lunacy of it all. For those uneducated I leave this tantalizing image...
Right. On to the other part of the thing. Essay deadline time is when I'm most productive so it's no surprise (although a fair amount of annoyance and shame on my part) that I've produced two whole bloody pictures this week - you can see one below and one right at the end. Go on - skip to the end. Back? Not worth it was it?Additionally I remastered bits and bobs from the superhero EPIC CAPTAIN COSMOS AND THE ATTACK OF THE KILLER ANDROIDS FROM MARS which if you click on that title there you can go and hear. Go on. It's not COMPLETELY TERRIBLE, it's got Keira Knightly in it. Shrewd.Yesterday I did a radio show with special guest Ron Lamp from the band DAN SHANDY AND THE SHAMBLING DANDIES which was fairly beautiful - you can hear it again if you click on this sentence. Right that's enough hyperlinking. I'm done now.
See you on the *shudder* 6th. That'll be 24 hours before DEADLINE DAY. I'm quiverin' like a jellyfish on a... washing machine? Euch.

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