Sunday 27 December 2009

Drinking Muddy Water what made my mind INVERT. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Santa reached into his enormous sack of presents and pulled out an inverted bloody mind for me this Christmas.

What is it like?

Only a bit more badly drawn. I'll ignore the red that represents life this week as it really isn't worth going into at all. Mysterious? I wish.

So instead I'll press on in valiant artistic green that raises above my new invert-o-brain. Firstly I finally managed to finish the AMAZING FANTASY SAGA that has been sitting unfinished on no less than two separate laptops. It sounds a little like this and I urge you to check it out. If that's not enough persuasion there's a swanky promotional image that took me all manner of minutes.

Sweet, eh? Yeah. Also for Christmas old saint Nick and all his FUCKING WARPED GOBLIN ASSISTANTS (my brother) got me a graphics tablet and I used the oppurtunity to experiment with different colouring styles. The one below is of that most majestic of men; the president of the galaxy.

Quoth the man:

"You've been in the vortex?"
"...You saw me kid"
" - and you saw the whole infinity of creation?"
" - the lot baby, it's a real neat place y'know"
"...and you saw yourself in relation to it all?"
"yeah, yeah, yeah"
" - and what did you experience?"
"It just told me what I knew all the time - I'm a really great guy - didn't I tell you, baby?


- wait, this is the end. No reviews of the year? No 'greatest gigs' or 'best albums' or 'grooviest films' or 'funkdangliest DVDs' or 'randazzliar'd fantillions'?!?!?!

No. I enjoy making lists but I don't see the point in doing them at all. Plus I'm going to go and cradle my new invertmind and hope it LETS ME FUCKING LIVE at some point.

Cryptic? I wish.

See you IN THE FUTURISTIC YEAR OF 2010 on the FUTURISTIC DAY of the 3rd of January.

O - x

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