Sunday 1 November 2009

Wrath of God


It's a healthy thing to begin a blog with a metal scream. If there were a single god (and not the pantheon of mighty chaos gods that I believe in) I'm certain the thunderous blustering wind is absolutely sod all to do with him - nor the bubbling stomach acid attacking my insides - nor even the massively disappointing Halloween last night. No, his wrath would most certainly take the form of this blog. Wrathfully dull. OHOHOHO. AS PER USUAL life cloaks itself in this colour, whilst art is more comfortable in this one. On with it then -

As previously alluded to; last night's halloween was a cop out. Local metal club Corp was STUFFED to the brim and I was far too unwilling to pay five bloody pounds to get in so settled for going home with the housemates and watching the evening fizzle out around me. Costume was literally brilliant though. Don't have a good picture, but it was purple. Oh lawdy mamma it was purple. I think I shall take to wearing it around the town. The rest of the week was gloriously unoccupied by work as I SAUNTERED ABOUT not doing much.

Artwise it's been a bit of a blinder - spent almost the ENTIRE WEEK shading this enormous picture (below) which montages the evolution of a character named Stark from something that hasn't happened yet. Oh yeah. Fourth radio show of the term featuring Mr Sean Morley IV went well, and recorded two sketch for it that'll turn up at some point. ...oh Yeah and Dan Shandy and the Shambling Dandies have four new songs about. Pretty wicked. Pretty FUCKING wicked.

That's it then. Brief wasn't it? Like life. Brief and unemotional - but then would you read a blog that was all OH GAWD IT WAS TERRIBLE TODAY [X] DIDN'T TALK TO ME AND SO FORTH? No - you wouldn't. It would be boring - and the person you'd want to read couldn't give a monkey's arse anyway. So why write? It's that ego isn't it - ?! That bloody massive ego. Sod it. See you on the 8th kiddies.

O - x

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